MUIC Sustainability

Diversity and Inclusion: Gender Talk at Embassy of Sweden

MUIC students attended an event entitled, “A Swedish Take on Diversity and Inclusion” on June 29, 2023. The event aimed at giving the participating students an insight into the country’s efforts to become gender inclusive in hopes of inspiring MUIC students with diverse backgrounds to contribute to change.

The event included small interactive activities. A workshop was held in the last session of the event where students were divided into small groups to discuss and exchange ideas on specific scenarios surrounding gender diversity for 20 minutes and report back about their discussion. Students enthusiastically contributed to the discussion despite being given a limited time.

Furthermore, earlier in the year, on March 22, 2023, MUIC partnered with the Embassy of Sweden to organize a talk focused on the theme “Women in Politics: How to Overcome the Roadblocks for Inclusion?” Focusing on sharing experience on discrimination against women and political party hierarchy.

These gender-talk-events are closely associated with SDG Goal 5 and 10 in terms of reducing inequalities, promoting diversity and inclusivity, and empowering women.