MUIC Sustainability

MUIC’s Staff Attended the MU SDGs Talks

On December 1, 2020, 8 MUIC staff members from the Planning and Quality Development section, Student Affairs section, and Academic Strategy Unit attended the “MU SDGs Talks” at Conference Room 322, Mahidol University Learning Center, Salaya. The event is part of the Mahidol University Sustainable Week 2020 as an exchange of knowledge on the topics of sustainable health, sustainable society, sustainable environment, and sustainable economy or social business. Associate Professor Dr. Kraichat Tantarakanarapa, Associate Dean for Deputy Dean for Physical Resources and Environment Faculty of Tropical Medicine, talked on the topic “Environment and Health” and Associate Professor Dr. Suksan Kantabutr, Associate Dean for Research, College of Management Mahidol University gave a talk on “Sustainable Economy.”