FAQ: Library and Co-Working Space FAQ

MUIC Library and Co-Working Space FAQ

On the 4th Flr., MUIC Bldg.1

On the 3rd Flr., Aditayathorn Bldg.

You can visit the library website: http://lib.muic.mahidol.ac.th

or contact library staff for help.

Make sure that the location of the book is LIIC; it means the book is available at the MUIC

Library, unless it belongs to other libraries.

Of course, please ask the library staff for book delivery service. User may get the book(s) in 2-3

working days.

It can be done through 2 options:

1. Contact staff directly at the library for the renewal.

2. Send the details of the books that you would like to renew and your personal information (borrower’s name and student ID) to the following channel:

1) iclibrary@mahidol.ac.th. Or

2) MUIC Library & Co-Working Space Facebook inbox

3) Do it yourself via the Library website: http://lib.muic. mahidol.ac.th

Those rooms are reserved only for MUIC members. For those from other faculties, please

contact MU Central Library for more details.

1) Student: Library membership will be automatically completed 3 days after your enrollment.

2) Lecturer and staff member: Please contact library staff to fill in the application form and attach thebarcode of membership on your MUIC ID card.

Please contact the library staff to fill in the request form.

Please contact library staff to fill the request form. It can be loaned until the last day of each


The schedule will be announced each trimester.

On the 2nd Flr. near Computer Lab (Aditayathorn Bldg.)

On the 5th Flr. near Computer Lab (MUIC Bldg.1)

Please avail of the services of the Copy Shop at Ground Flr. (exchange or visiting students,

please contact the IA Office at 2nd Flr., MUIC Bldg.1 )

Students can contact IT staff on the 2nd Flr. Aditayathorn Bldg.) or 5th Flr. (Bldg. 1).

All students are required to leave their students ID cards at the counter before using the Group

Study Room or Multipurpose Room both at the Library and the Co-Working Space until they return

the room key in order to check the number of room users. (A group of at least 3 students can use

the Group Study Room or Multipurpose Room.)

No. They cannot be reserved. The reservation will be available when all rooms are occupied. Students must contact staff to reserve a room. They will then be

informed of the available time at the counter.

Yes, please send a request email to C37 (Khun Supatra Nontapha, Chief of the MUIC Library).

During the midterm and final exam periods, we do not allow the use of the area for special

activities because many students use these rooms to review for their exam.

Please send a request to Aditayathorn Building Group staff for their consideration and


– Thomson Reuters Eikon is used for financial analysis by BA students and faculty members. It can only accessed at the campus. There are four places that users can contact staff to use the program as follows:

1. MUIC Library, 4th Flr., Building 1

2. Co-Working Space, 3rd Flr., Aditayathorn Building

3. Financial Lab, 4th Flr., Aditayathorn Building

4. MBA Office, 4th Flr., Aditayathorn Building

Staff will give them some basic troubleshooting advice and will suggest to consult the manual,

or ask some students who are good at this program to help them.

Yes. Please contact the staff at the counter. You must return them on the same day, however.

No. They should be used only at the Co-Working Space to be shared with other students.

Food is not allowed because of the strong smell. Drinks are allowed if they are in a covered container.

No. It is controlled by the central system of the building.

Please send an email address (Mahidol mail) to Khun Ratikorn for registration (M.L.Ratikorn

Varavudhi e-mail: ratikorn.var@mahidol.ac.th) with the following details: Instructor’s name,

Subject and No. of students in the class that would ilke to register.

It is a project by Thailand Creative & Design Center that has been set an MOU with MUIC. MUIC members can access 5 online databases about design, fashion, graphic and world trend. User can ask for the service at the following places:

1. MUIC Library, 4th floor building 1

2. Co-Working Space, 3rd floor Aditayathorn building

Moreover, they also have 10 TCDC membership cards for MUIC members to access all of TCDC

branches throughout the country, please contact staff at Co-Working Space for more information.

All MUIC members (lecturer / staff member / student) can order the book(s). The books that

have been requested will be rechecked for the appropriateness and budget to support.

You can contact staff at the library to fill the request from or send an email about the books’ detail to iclibrary@mahidol.ac.th

– It depends on the kind of the book, and where is its stock;

1) For general book (thai language) that is available in Thailand, it will be ready to borrow about 1-2 months.

2) For textbook (foreign language) that must be ordered from foreign country, it will be ready about 3-4 months.

We have the process to order as the following step:

1. Collect the book title from the request

2. Check for duplicating in the library system 3. Require the quotation document to compare the price between 3 shop

4. Send document to the executive for approval.

5. Select the books and confirm to order from the shop with the cheapest price

6. Wait for the book arrival

7. Clear financial document

8. prepare the books for lending service.

Please contact at MUIC library, 4th flr. Bldg. 1 and please consider the following criteria before donating;

1. Items must be in good condition (ie. Books should have covers, no underlining and must not be musty or dirty).

2. Items must be suitable for the Library’s collection.

3. Items must be given without condition.