FAQ: Pathway Program

This set of courses which amounts to 74 credits can be completed within 4 terms. If you have taken and received qualified evaluations for IB diploma higher level or courses that can be transferred according to MU regulations, this may reduce the study time to 3 terms, depending on the courses you have taken.

At any time during your matriculation at MUIC, if you have decided that you would like to apply to SGU Medicine Program, you may declare your interest in writing with the Premed adviser at the Science Division. An SGU representative will be contacting you to facilitate your application for a conditional acceptance at that time. Once you have completed the Intensive Science and Language Year, you can enroll in the courses listed in the Foundation Year Program with no special permission.
During your time at SGU, you will be asked to take the United States Medical Licensing Examinations (USMLEs). These are the examinations that you will need to pass in order to be licensed to practice medicine in the United States. This is crucial and mandatory, if you are planning to do your clinical rotations during your 3rd and 4th year in the US.
Specializing in an area of medicine needs residency training. You will be able to apply for residency training through “THE MATCH,” the National Residency Matching Program, during your 4th year and once you have passed your Step I and II of the USMLE.
To be able to practice medicine in Thailand, or for that matter any other place in the world, you would usually need to be licensed by the country. In Thailand, this licensing process is done through the Thai Medical Council who administers the Thai Medical Licensing examination to medical graduates from Thai and foreign medical schools. In order to be eligible to sit for the Thai licensing examination, you need to have graduated from a medical school listed by the Thai Medical Council. The SGU medicine curriculum is approved by the Thai Medical Council and its graduates are eligible to sit for the Thai licensing examination.

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