The Pup(a)razzi

The Animal Lovers Club’s first activity for this academic year was successfully conducted from September 24 to October 1, 2021. It was dubbed “The Pup(a)razzi” because participants acted as paparazzi by capturing exciting videos of their pets and sharing them on their Instagram accounts.

All of the participants received AT hours in “Digital Literacy” for participating in the activity. The committee selected the five finalists and posted them on the club’s Instagram account for the final vote on the top three videos.

The winners were:
1. Putita Onchan (Winner), Major in International Business
2. Vacharee Gandhi (1st Runner-up), Major in Marketing
3. Kamolporn Vimoluksorn (2nd Runner-up), Major in International Business

Many participants provided positive feedback about the activity, no doubt brought about by the cuteness of the pets, according to the club officers.