MUIC Sustainability

Animal Lovers Club’s 2023 Initiatives for Dog Shelters

In 2023, The Animal Lovers Club has initiated a series of heart-warming activities. Their flagship event, Paw Patrol, has taken place thrice this year at the Salaya Mahidol Dog Shelter, bringing together around 20 volunteers to shower the shelter dogs with affection. Through bathing, walking, and playing with the dogs, the volunteers not only provide much-needed companionship but also promote the shelter and encourage potential adoptions.

To raise funds, the Animal Lovers Club collaborated with the Art Club to organize “Bag to the Bone” in September 27-29, 2023. The 56 participants were given tote bags, bucket hats, and drawstring bags on which they painted animal-themed designs. They made beautiful works of art that they got to keep or donate to the club.

The profits raised in this activity donating its share to two dog shelters. The first half of the funds dedicated to Salaya Mahidol Dog Shelter, purchasing and donating a supply of dog food, treats, chew bones, and puppy pads. These items were presented during the third Paw Patrol event, held in November.

The remaining funds were utilized to purchase supplies for a donation to TMTRD’s “Stay Pawsitive” activity in Chonburi, held on November 4, 2023. Sixteen student volunteers participated in this heartwarming initiative, lending their artistic talents to paint the foundation’s building walls. Beyond the painting project, the volunteers delved deeper into the organization’s work, learning about its history and the unique stories of the dogs under their care. They also went for a walk with the wheelchair dogs. This activity also taught participants the quality of life of street dogs in Thailand and how they are mistreated. The volunteers also learned how they can help if ever they encounter a mistreated or injured dog.