MUIC Sustainability

Waste Receptacle Evolution at MUIC

Research on the topic of student involvement in developing sustainable practices: a case study of waste receptacle evolution at Mahidol University International College

Proper waste management

 is a key step to sustainability. A whole-of-university approach can be used to bring together curricula, research and campus operations to develop sustainable practices. However, this approach does not consider the possible contribution from students.

This study examines the role of student involvement in the evolution of waste receptacles at Mahidol University International College using the case of a student project conducted in the ICNS257 Environmental Issues class, T.3/2015-2016. Results and analyses from the project were used to develop recommendations for improving the waste management system at the College which the students then presented to staff and faculty. The study concludes that student involvement plays an important role in contributing to the development of effective waste separation and sustainable practices in the future. Thus, a modified whole-of-university approach should be adopted that includes students as a main component, and not just a product, of institutional sustainability.

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