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MUIC Student Wins in Marine Conservation Contest

A Computer Science student of Mahidol University International College (MUIC) and his team won in the PTTEP Teenergy8: The 2nd Young Ocean for Life Innovation Challenge held on November 6, 2023 atICONSIAM, Bangkok.

Mr. Thanawin Teerasangjun, and his team Blue 16 were declared the winner under the “Preserve” Category in the competition organized by the CSR Department of PTT Exploration and Production Plc. during September – November 2022.

A total of 79 teams comprising 300 competing students enrolled in bachelor degree programs in 27 colleges and universities from all over Thailand participated. The competition has three categories: Protect, Preserve, and Provide, in which the teams can select to compete in by presenting an innovative idea to save the ocean.

Mr. Thanawin’s team, Blue16, consists of five students from four faculties and four fields of study. Aside from Mr. Thanawin who is taking up Computer Science, two are studying Environmental Science and Technology, and the others are enrolled in Biology and Mechanical Engineering programs.

The team’s entry was “seagrass bed recolonization box for coastal restoration and carbon sequestration.” Based on their studies, they have concluded that seagrass can be considered as a hero of the ocean because it can absorb CO2 40x better than a rainforest with the same area size. However, they also learned that there are threats to the growth of seagrass, for example, strong tides under the sea can wipe seagrass away from the ground.

Also, seagrass are usually destroyed by sediments that cover them from the sunlight which is their food. This is the reason why the Blue16 team said they designed and created this innovation which is expected to increase the survival rate of planted seagrass, increase its growth rate, and enhance carbon sequestration in the box.

The organizer and sponsor, PTT Exploration and Production Public Co. Ltd., said the competition aims to encourage the Thai youth to support the conservation of marine resources.

1.Thanawin Teerasangjun, Major: Computer Science

Team Members from Other Faculties
2. Pakjira Kanchanawichanon, Faculty of Environment, Major: Environmental Science and Techonology, Year: Senior
3. Paphawarin Songpattanasilp, Faculty of Environment, Major: Environmental Science and Techonology, Year: Senior
4. Aich Amornvechakul, Faculty of Engineering, Major: Mechanical Engineering, Year: Senior
5. Neeranuch Sudcharoen, Faculty of Science, Major: Biology, Year: Senior