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MUIC Responses to the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten the health and well-being of our world. And while Thailand has experienced very few new cases over the past several weeks, the recent surge of cases in many countries means that a worldwide pandemic is but a step away if Thailand becomes complacent in our vigilance of this disease. Therefore, despite everyone’s best efforts, this ever-intensifying COVID-19 pandemic.   

Guidelines for Teaching and Learning, Campus Re-opening, Work from Home and Social Distancing Measures to Respond to the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak

Out of caution, Mahidol University is announcing herewith additional guidelines for teaching and learning, campus re-opening, work from home and social distance measures as follows:

1. All faculties/colleges/institutes in every campus continue to suspend all classroom teaching and learning and proceed with online delivery methods until the 31st May 2020 or until further notice. During the period, all faculties/colleges/institutes are to refrain from convening activities with large gatherings and to strictly observe the outbreak precaution measures.

Provided that faculty staff or postgraduate students are in need of entering laboratories or research facilities before the 31st May 2020 for such reasons as to meet the graduation deadlines or to handle special laboratory procedures or specimens, head of faculties/colleges/institutes are to consider the necessity of the laboratory use and submit the request for approval to the Acting President of Mahidol University.

2. All Mahidol University staff, both at the level of faculties/colleges/institutes and the Office of the President, continue to work from home until the 31st May 2020 or until further notice. The partial work from home will be accounting for 60:40 percent, proportionately divided between the work at Mahidol University and from home. The workload is to be monitored and approved by Acting Vice-Presidents and heads of faculties/colleges/institutes to ensure the continuity of the management and services of Mahidol University.

3. Both academic and supporting staff as well as students are to strictly observe the social

distancing and other outbreak precaution measures as well as follow news and updates from

Mahidol University regularly.

COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund for Students

Mahidol University International College (MUIC) has established the MUIC COVID-19 Relief Grant, which offers up to THB 30,000 per grant to provide vital assistance to students who are facing financial hardship and other burdens caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. MUIC faculty and staff have come together and donated over THB 1,000,000 to the fund.

Some of our students are striving to complete their semester coursework. They are in immediate need of assistance to pay for their tuition fees. Many are incurring expenses related to unplanned travel home and third-party fees for cancelled study programs away from campus. Some have already lost jobs as businesses cut back, and their parents’ income was reduced to zero due to the pandemic.

Since the College established the MUIC COVID-19 Relief Grant, many students have applied for temporary financial aid. With new requests coming in every day, the need is unprecedented, but so is the generosity of the Mahidol University International College community.

When you donate to the MUIC COVID-19 Relief Grant, you’re helping students like Jun and Earn. They are both seniors who have a full class load and have each been working a part-time job to relieve the burden of their families for several years.

Jun, an international student, could not fly back to South Korea since it costs a large amount of money. His parents became unemployed since early February due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and Jun also lost his part-time job. He started to feel worried that he would not be able to find enough money to pay for his tuition fee. As soon as he discovered that MUIC is offering the MUIC Covid-19 Relief Fund, he did not hesitate to apply for it. Jun mentioned that this scholarship was like a ray of light in a day of despair, which could help him continue his studies and graduate in time.

In Earn’s case, the COVID-19 crisis is destroying her family’s construction business. It also dried up her primary source of income as a tutor. In need of help, Earn was relieved that the College had established the MUIC COVID-19 Relief Grant. She immediately applied, and a few days later, she received the funds she needed to help pay for her rent and some urgent bills, including her tuition fee.

Donations of any size will have an immediate impact on students like Jun and Earn, who urgently need help, so please consider donating today. 100% of your donations will go directly to students without any deductions.

We recognize that each of us is managing unanticipated circumstances day by day. We are thankful to be part of this supportive MUIC family and upholding each other in this challenging time so that we can emerge healthy and ready for brighter days.

Thank you for considering a gift to the MUIC COVID-19 Relief Grant. You are a valued and essential partner in the life and future of the College, and we are grateful for you.