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Mahidol University International College (MUIC) is Thailand’s leading international college within a public university. MUIC’s strengths are based on its liberal arts focus, international and updated curricula, global network of partner universities, modern state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to research.

For the past three decades, MUIC has been offering world-class college education, producing more than 8,800 alumni who are successful in their respective careers.

We are seeking talented and committed professionals who love teaching and are dedicated to research. MUIC is ambitious and it offers a vibrant and supportive environment for the development of the academic and research potential of its faculty members.

Full-time & Part-time Faculty Members International Relations and Global Affairs (IRGA) Program

Job Description

The Social Science Division at Mahidol University International College seeks qualified individuals for full time and part time faculty teaching positions in the International Relations and Global Affairs major.  Dependent upon performance and evaluations, the contract can be extended annually with the possibility of permanent employment status. The Social Science Division’s International Relations and Global Affairs (IRGA) Program is designed to prepare students for a broad range of careers in both the public and private sectors. We provide students with the requisite knowledge for living and working in an increasingly globalized world while also helping students improve their critical thinking skills, problem-solving capabilities, leadership skills and their ability to work in groups, work across cultures and communicate effectively.

We seek candidates who are able to teach courses in Diplomacy, Conflict and Security, Regionalism and Democracy and other courses related to international relations. Preference will be given to candidates who have completed a Political Science or International Relations, have professional experience in government agencies, the diplomatic corps or international organizations and have demonstrated the capacity for excellence in the classroom.

A commitment to teaching undergraduates in Social Sciences and evidence of effective and inclusive pedagogy are essential. Candidates should be able to demonstrate, in application materials, a commitment to fostering an engagement with a diversity of ideas and experiences, knowledge and experience with international students and experience teaching abroad. 


Application Instructions

To apply, please submit the following via email: a detailed CV, samples of noteworthy publications, a statement of interest speaking directly to teaching pedagogy and experience, two letters of recommendation and copies of graduate transcripts. Questions can be directed to William Jones, Program Director of the International Relations and Global Affairs program (

Full-time Faculty Members in Media and Communication Program

The Media and Communication Program of MUIC’s Fine and Applied Arts Division is urgently seeking full-time lecturers to fill our ranks. In each case, the candidate must hold a Ph.D. or equivalent and should be an experienced instructor and capable of engaging in research or creative media practices.

  • Candidates for the first position should have a background in media production (i.e., digital video production) in order to teach the studio courses in our Creative Content concentration.
  • Candidates for the second position should have a background in digital journalism in order to teach courses in our Digital Journalism concentration.

Appropriate candidates will be considered in light of their potential to instruct undergraduate courses using a media convergence perspective, ability to advise undergraduate thesis projects and develop internships opportunities. Academic advising and supporting the obligations of the program and division are also expected. 

  Interested candidates should send their cover letter and CV to: 

Part-time positions at BA Division

  • Part-time/Full-time position: Business Statistics
    Basic statistics, probability distribution of random variable, estimation of hypothesis testing, variance analysis, probability distribution, correlation analysis and regression equation, programming application for statistics, and use statistics to make business decisions.
  • Part-time: Management of Business Information
    The overall goal of this course is to prepare students to understand the importance of data, data analysis, and data visualization in order to build data models. In this course, students will learn how to use computerized tools to build data models, as well as, analyze and visualize data in order to make informed decisions.
  • Part-time: Management Science
    Application of quantitative analysis using management science techniques to solve business problems. Linear programming, network models, decision analysis, and simulation.
  • Part-time: Operations and Project Management
    Modern concepts, models and tools for planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling the production and distribution of goods and services, in various industries.
  • Part-time: Business Ethics and Sustainability
    An understanding, analysis of ethical concepts, and the implications of ethics in business decisions under different social and other business-related environments, an application of ethical principles to ethical issues within the organization and the external environment.

Interested candidates should send their cover letter and CV to:

Full-time Faculty Members in the Biological Sciences Program

Position Announcement: Full-time Faculty Members in the Biological Sciences Program

The Biological Sciences Program of the MUIC Science Division is urgently seeking full-time lecturers to broaden our capacity. In each case, the candidate must hold a PhD or equivalent (i.e. MD, DDS, DVM) and should be an experienced instructor, able to employ a blend of live and online teaching methods, with research experience:

  • Lecturer of Molecular Biology, Genetics, Genomics, Proteonomics, Bioinformatics or similar
  • Lecturer of Animal or Human Physiology or similar
  • Lecturer of Biomedical Science or similar

Appropriate candidates will be considered in light of their potential to instruct undergraduate courses such as Animal Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, Human Physiology, Molecular Biology, Systematic Biology and Biodiversity, and Introduction to Bioinformatics. They must be prepared to develop elective courses in their own specializations. They must also be able to advise undergraduate research and leverage their networks to enhance post-graduate opportunities and develop internships in the private and public sectors. Academic advising and participation in the extracurricular life of the College are also expected.

Besides the academic qualifications, applicants’ potential will also be assessed as to their expected adherence to the precepts governing Mahidol University faculty and staff: Mastery, Altruism, Harmony, Integrity, Diligence, Originality, and Leadership.

Interested candidates should send their cover letter and CV to: 

Contact Human Resources

To become a member of the MUIC Team Please send a cover letter with your resume, transcript, ID card, research sample, and a recent 2-inch photo to the Human Resources Section at:

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