Vision Mission and Goal

MUIC Strategy 2020 – 2024

Enriching lives. Expanding potentials. Shaping futures.

MUIC inspires innovation, fosters human potential, and creates new knowledge through the integration of arts and sciences in an international environment, ultimately resulting in education, research, and services to serve the needs of society and benefit humankind.

To be a globally recognized International Liberal Arts College.

MUIC is a leading International Liberal Arts College.

MUIC empowers individuals to define, develop, and realize their potential.

Core competencies
MUIC offers reputable Liberal Arts Education and a family-like international learning environment

Strategic Objectives
To be sustainable and globally recognized as an international Liberal Arts Education institution

Core Values
Excellence, empathy, integrity, inter-culturalism

Individuals have the potential to shape their future


  1. Reinforce Student-centered Liberal Arts Education
  2. Capitalize Individual Expertise and Distinction
  3. Strengthen Collaboration
  4. Apply Strategic Marketing Concept
  5. Internationalize Organization Management