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Major in Media and Communication

Major in Media and Communication

The Media and Communication Program (Media Com) positions students to succeed in today’s disruptive and convergent media environment through the integration of theory and practice. Course work establishes a base of interdisciplinary knowledge combining arts, humanities, communication, and storytelling that ensures a working application of media technology.
Graduates will have the knowledge and skills necessary to seek and hold jobs in the media industry, locally and globally.

  • Utilize communication in a disruptive and convergent media environment.
  • Utilize storytelling to communicate artistically and to curate content across media platforms.
  • Utilize research to create content that moves society forward with media innovations.
  • Utilize media and communicative intent to shape our identities and communities.
  • Apply media and communication trends, platforms, and technology in your life.
  • Apply a creative approach to working from a global perspective with diverse groups of people.
  • Exemplify professionalism through a concern with social issues and solutions, while being ethical and responsible to society.
Programmme Philosophy

Media and Communication is the first-degree program in Thailand that is specifically designed to prepare students for emerging disruptive digital markets. It accomplished this through a focus on convergence of digital media platforms and a strong emphasis for content, intent and communicability over simple ‘form’.

Programme Goals

The program aims to prepare students for a new landscape of digital media disruption and upon the completion of the program, students will have a deep understanding of the role of media in shaping our individual and collective identities. They will have the knowledge and skill necessary to be content creators and/ or content strategists for the local and international media industry.

Programme Objectives

To produce graduates who have the characteristics, knowledge and skills as follows:

  1. To be the media skilled personnel who possess analytical minds, always concern on social issues and seek solutions.
  2. To be neutral, responsible to society and community, and ethical in the profession.
  3. To possess the ability to explore, research and create content that moves the world forward through media innovations.
  4. To be a media creator of quality for Thailand, Southeast Asian region and the world.
  5. To be well-equipped with Mahidol University graduate attributes (MAHIDOL).
  6. To possess social skills in both communication and working in a team, who can both be a leader and a follower.
Programme ELOs
ELO 1 Apply ethics in the professional practice of craft-led works and academic studies. (Generic) 1.1 Use media content or strategies that provide value to society. 1.2 Understand what it means to be ethical and professional in creating media content.
ELO 2 Solve problems to creatively overcome theoretical and pragmatic obstacles related to content creation. (Generic) 2.1 Apply critical thinking skills. 2.2 Develop research-based media content or strategies academically or creatively.
ELO 3 Value creativity and global thinking to embrace cultural diversity in national and global perspectives. (Generic) 3.1 Process cultural awareness and foster understanding of diversity in media content or strategy creation. 3.2 Understand the global trends and their effects on local issues.
ELO 4 Develop high-quality media content. (Specific) 4.1 Can evaluate what is good vs. bad media content. 4.2 Can apply audio and visual communication skills in media content creation.
ELO 5 Execute media convergence and media convergence strategies, respectively. (Specific) 5.1 Understand the different characteristics of each media platform and their shared qualities. 5.2 Can apply the knowledge of one content and expand and distribute it to various platforms.
ELO 6 Use media for communication from the level of interpersonal into the global. (Specific) 6.1 Can use media in various forms to successfully communicate with the set objectives. 6.2 Apply communication skills in conducting research or media content creation.
ELO 7 Create thesis products that demonstrate a culmination of the program ELOs. (Generic and Specific) 7.1 Propose thesis projects that reflect program learning outcomes 1, 2, and 3. 7.2 Create thesis projects that reflect program learning outcomes 4, 5, and 6. 7.3 Exhibit thesis projects that reflect program learning outcome 6.
Bachelor of Communication Arts (B.Com.Arts.)
Program in Media and Communication
(International Program)

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Career Opportunities
  • Digital Journalism Concentration: Journalist, News editor, Anchor, Documentary maker, New media producer, Feature writer, Media public policy maker
  • Creative Content Concentration: Actor, Director, Scriptwriter, Producer, Acting coach, Stage manager, Production crew
  • Integrated Media Communication Concentration: Media strategist, Media analysist, Media campaign creator/worker, Digital content creator, Corporate communication staff, Event organizer, Media consultant
Minor in Media and Communication
Positions students to live a mediated life by focusing on the use of new media, communicative intent and storytelling in a convergent media environment

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