Short-Term Program

The MUIC Short-Term Program provides students opportunities to study while experiencing Thai culture in a short period of time. Through the year, several programs of one- to- four weeks’ duration are running and covering various fields of study such as Language and Culture, Sustainable Tourism, MBA, Business Administration, Management, Medical Science, Social Science, Academic Study Trip and other disciplines. We receive several groups of students and participants from our partners, non-partners, and educational institutions.

Besides the required academic classes provided in the program, students and participants will also have chances to participate in various activities including company visits, cultural classes and excursions with local students and staff. These well-rounded experiences will prepare participants to be global citizens and to be adaptable in a dynamic world. This short-term study program is guaranteed to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the participants. With effective coordinators and support staff, we are able to offer you one- to- four weeks’ unforgettable and productive learning experience at MUIC.

MUIC offers two different types of Short-Term Programs:

Online Summer Program 2021

Tailor-made Program

Online Summer Program 2021

With the pandemic causing challenges like restrictions to international travel, MUIC is offering Internationalization@Home for all students through the MUIC Summer ONLINE program to be held in July 2021.

These three ONLINE courses will each have the equivalent of 3 US credits/ 6 ECTS:


THB 19,900 or USD 700


 Registration openNow – May 28  2021
Payment deadlineMay 31 , 2021
Program durationJuly 1  -31 , 2021



  • Undergraduate student who has completed at least one semester at college or university or

  • Student who has completed undergraduate studies


  • Copy of passport’s identity page
  • IELTS score of 5.5 or equivalent from non-English speaking country (In case students do not have any English scores, please send the recommendation letter from your English language professor/ your adisor  for further consideration.)
  • Home university unofficial transcript
  • Passport-style photo

    ** Please use any of these suggested applications to scan your documents in order to avoid unclear files:

  • Adobe Scan
  • Microsoft Office Lens



  1. Fill up the application form and submit the required document through this link
  2. Wait for confirmation email and an invoice after submission of required documents
  3. Make a payment and send the payment evidence through


  • All paid are non-refundable except the cancellation made by MUIC.

(A course may be cancelled if there are less than 8 students registering for the course. Students will be notified before June 4, 2021. The program fee will be refunded.)

Tailor-made program

MUIC provides flexible tailor-made courses according to requirements of each specific group in terms of academic areas, program durations, field trips, credit hours, and budget to meet your needs and expectations.

Student Experiences

Offering Program

  • Business Administration
  • Language and Culture
  • Medical Science
  • Media and Art
  • Tourism Hospitality

Extra Cultural Activity

  • Thai Boxing
  • Thai Dance
  • Thai cooking
  • Cultural field trip


Financial support is not available, however we make every effort to keep costs reasonable. For scholarships, please check with your home university for the availability and conditions.
The cost depends on the number of participants and the requirements of the program. For the cost of short-term program, it starts from 1,350 USD which includes airport pick-up and drop-off, academic classes, field trips (based on the program), welcome lunch and farewell party, on-campus Wi-Fi and certificate or letter grade. It excludes airplane ticket, insurance and housing.
Since programs organized by MUIC are offered in conjunction with other faculties of Mahidol University, MUIC is able to offer a greater variety of courses to cover a broader field of study. Thai cultural classes such as Thai dance and Thai boxing as well as field trips to important tourist attractions are also available.
The duration of your stay depends on the policy of your home university and your own plans.
There should be at least eight persons per group. However, your budget would also be a major factor. The participants should be no more than 20 students for Language classes, and 40 students or more for other classes.
Apart from academic classes, cultural classes including Thai dance, Thai Boxing and Thai Cooking are arranged. The program also provides field trips to interesting tourist attractions in Thailand both inside and outside Bangkok such as beach trekking at Prachuabkirikhan province, snorkelling at Sak Island, sightseeing around ancient city of Ayutthaya. Travelling to the north, south or even to neighboring ASEAN countries with visits to MUIC’s partner universities can be arranged according to your requirements.
Your stay will depend on the preference and the budget of your program. For the accommodation, various hotels, dormitories and serviced apartments are offered in several locations.
You should not worry about food. Inside the campus, MUIC has cafeterias, buffet lunches and the Brew & Bev bistro. Restaurants and cafes can be found along the street in front of the campus. There is also the Salaya fresh market where you can buy traditional Thai food and local fruits. There is also the Central Salaya mall near the campus.
The price of a meal varies depending on the location. A set of meal and beverage starts from 100 Baht or about 3 US Dollars.
If you want to travel to Central Bangkok, you can take shuttle bus called “Salaya Link” which costs 40 Baht from Salaya campus to the nearest BTS station from which you can reach your destination in central Bangkok. You can also travel by public transportation from our campus such as bus, taxi, and shuttle van that will cost from 30 – 200 Baht or about 1 – 5 US Dollars.
You can buy a SIM card with an Internet package at the airport or any convenience store. If you are in the campus area, there are Wi-Fi hot spots.
You can exchange money at any bank. You need to show your passport.
Examinations will depend on the requirements of the course you are taking.
We strongly recommend insurance with good coverage.
Please check about the visa conditions of your home country as well as of the Thai Immigration Bureau. If you need to apply for a visa, you can make a request for an invitation letter. Visa applications should be made at any Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate well before departing for Thailand. However, the visa is not required for nationals of certain countries that meet visa exemption requirements. Visit, for more information.
We are here for you! Even before your arrival in Thailand, our dedicated staff will reach out to you and coordinate with you throughout your stay at MUIC. If you have any emergency such as accidents or sickness during the duration of the program, please contact the coordinator of the program immediately. We are here to help.

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