Strategic Plan

About MUIC

Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning and Quality Development

The Strategic Planning and Quality Development Office, under the supervision of the Associate Dean for Strategic Planning and Quality Development, is mainly responsible for the strategic planning and quality improvement initiatives of MUIC.

Strategic Planning

  • Conduct strategic planning process and assist the development of long-term goals and strategic objectives for MUIC;
  • Oversee and coordinate Performance Agreement between Mahidol University and MUIC;
  • Suggest changes to current strategic plans, procedures, and policies based on current trends and an analysis of the potential benefits and risks of implementing new strategies;
  • Promote and communicate MUIC strategic plans to the stakeholders, students, staff and faculty members;
  • Motivate every member of MUIC to be involved in the preparation of action plans and performance agreements, and shift from plans to execution;
  • Monitor and evaluate every section’s performance regarding strategic plans and performance agreements; and
  • Play a central role in managing and monitoring MUIC Strategic Project Management Process to analyze and evaluate its effectiveness and progress.

Quality Development

  • Drive every part of MUIC to use the EdPEx standards in implementing approaches;
  • Conduct and develop EdPEx Self-Assessment Report (SAR) of MUIC, including the preparation to obtain an EdPEx assessment annually;
  • Encourage MUIC staff members to carry out risk assessment of each department and follow risk management protocols; and
  • Monitor and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s risk management process which helps minimize threats and reduce the risks to an acceptable level.

MUIC Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2023-2027
Action Plan 2023 (New)
Action Plan 2024 Division Contribution Analysis 2024
Action Plan 2025 Division Contribution Analysis 2025
Action Plan 2026 Division Contribution Analysis 2026
Action Plan 2027 Division Contribution Analysis 2027

MUIC Strategic Output

Strategic Plan 2023-2027
Action Plan 2023 (New)Results of the Action Plan 2023 (New)
Action Plan 2024Results of the Action Plan 2024
Action Plan 2025Results of the Action Plan 2025
Action Plan 2026Results of the Action Plan 2026
Action Plan 2027Results of the Action Plan 2027
Strategic Plan 2020-2024
Action Plan 2020Results of the Action Plan 2020
Action Plan 2021Results of the Action Plan 2021
Action Plan 2022Results of the Action Plan 2022
Action Plan 2023Results of the Action Plan 2023
Strategic Plan 2016-2019
Action Plan 2016Results of the Action Plan 2016
Action Plan 2017Results of the Action Plan 2017
Action Plan 2018Results of the Action Plan 2018
Action Plan 2019Results of the Action Plan 2019

Performance Agreements (PA) with Mahidol University

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