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Club and Activity Transcript

Club and Activity Transcript

One of the major responsibilities of the MUIC Student Association is supervising its satellites of student clubs. By participating in extra-curricular activities, students not only cultivate their personal communication, team-building and leadership skills but also contribute to the development of the college and the greater community.

Students who participate in club activities, conferences and competitions have their accomplishments recorded on their transcripts and become an important part of their resumes, particularly since multinational companies and organizations value employees with such experiences.

Campus Life

Activity Transcript

Requirement for students to participate in extracurricular activities

According to the Announcement of Mahidol University, Requirement for Students to Participate in Mahidol University Students’ Extracurricular Activities, B.E. 2564 (2021). The university recommends the students who enrolled in the 2017 academic year onwards to participate in extracurricular activities provided by the university alongside their study according to the details as follows:

  • Students must participate in the activities at least 100 participation hours according to the structure of the activities. The activity participation record will be included in their Activity Transcript.
  • Students must be a member of at least one student club. The membership status will be included in their Activity Transcript.

Student who fulfill the requirements will receive the Activity Transcript from the university upon their graduation. Please visit to check the number of activity participation hours. Extracurricular activity information and news can be found on the following websites.



Request for Official Activity Transcript
Students can request for the MUIC Activity Transcript for free at the MUIC Student Affairs Office. Or fill up and submit an online request form at the link below :


In cases where students have participated in less than 5 activities, they must state their purpose for the transcript. It takes 2-3 working days for request to be processed (Staff will review your request during office hours. The process may take a little bit longer, if you request during weekend, public holiday or late than office hours – Student Affairs office hours is Monday – Friday from 8.00 am – 5.00 pm except weekend and public holiday)

  • Applying to graduate school in Thailand and abroad
  • Applying for internship programs
  • Applying for exchange programs
  • Applying for jobs
  • Applying for scholarship programs
  • Applying for special projects/activities (internal/external)
  • Personal information
  • Club/organization participation details
  • Activity participation details

Participate in MUIC Student Association/Clubs/Department/Office activities.
(Internal Activity)
Participate in external activities (domestic/International).

** Contact Student Affairs Office for more details and record request. **

Art Club

The MUIC Art Club provides training and support for students interested in a variety of art forms through regular classes and workshops. Members also engage in an annual field trip and display their work at exhibitions.

Animal Lovers Club
The Animal Lovers Club was established for people who love animals and are interested in taking care of animals who need help. Club members volunteer for activities that improve the quality of life of stray dogs and other animals. The club also provides MUIC students, lecturers and staff with useful knowledge which can be used for their pets or animals near their residences.

AIESEC is the world’s largest non-profit youth-run organization recognized by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). AIESEC Club provides students with leadership opportunities, transferable skills development and cross-cultural volunteer experiences to empower young people to make a positive impact on society.

Board Game Club

The Board Game Club was established to create a venue for board game enthusiasts. It aims to develop its members’ skills including critical thinking, negotiation management, and creativity while at the same time providing an opportunity for recreation and friendship.

Career Insight Club

Career insights club provides students with diverse experiences and opportunities to gain meaningful insights from various industries. Company visits, workshops, competitions, video creation, and many more activities are here for students to explore and prepare for their future career paths.

Cheer and Dance Club

Cheer and Dance Club members engage in weekly practice sessions and perform publicly for major events and competitions. The club focuses on three genres: American Dance, Thai Cheerleading, and Capoeira

Cycling Club

The Cycling Club provides an opportunity for students to improve their physical fitness and enjoy the scenic venues in their cycling excursions. The club also successfully participates in local and national competitions.

Diving Club

The Diving Club enables members to explore Thailand’s marine environment and makes diving lessons more affordable for students. Club members and other students alike become more environmentally aware of the importance of beaches and coral reefs. The club activities focus on diving safety and ocean conservation.

Debate Club

The Debate Club is one of the most respected debate teams in Southeast Asia. The team regularly participates in national, regional and international competitions. In 2002, the Club hosted over 100 teams at the All-Asian Debate Competition at MUIC, the largest All-Asian Debate ever held in the region. The MUIC debating teams have won 5 national tournaments, were designated as the top debating enterprise in Asia by the United Asian Debating Championship and are ranked 65 in the world.

Inner Peace Club

The Inner Peace Club, one of the newest clubs at MUIC, promotes the benefits of Buddhist meditation to all MUIC students by engaging in meditation exercises on a weekly basis. The club encourages everyone to join, especially foreign students.

Kendo Club

Kendo is the Japanese martial art of sword fighting and means “ways of the sword.” The Kendo Club is one of the newer clubs at MUIC and provides training for interested students. Members are currently preparing to join Kendo tournaments and compete with other universities.

Music Club

The Music Club allows students to get together for practice sessions and performances. It also invites professional groups to perform on-campus. Every year the club organizes concerts and encourages students to participate in competitions.

MUIC Case Club

MUIC Case Club aims to offer general knowledge and professional understanding of business case analyses. The club provides different kinds of training for club members in order to enhance their presentation skills. Throughout the term, the club engages in several national business competitions with the intention of gaining first-hand experience and making a name for MUIC

MUIC Model United Nations Club

MUIC Model United Nations (MUN) allows students to explore the mechanism of the United Nations by role-playing as delegates of different nations to the UN committee and engaging in the negotiation to solve global issues. Club members will gain the opportunity to attend MUN conferences and develop their researching, critical thinking, public speaking and diplomacy skills.

Muay Thai Club

The Muay Thai club teaches participants about traditional Thai boxing. In addition to teaching martial art skills, the club activities focus on teaching students the cultural significance of the sport.

Nature Lovers Club

The Nature Lovers Club, formerly known as the Apple Tree Club, was inaugurated to educate students about environmental issues and their impact on their daily lives as well as to create a passion for a sustainable environment.

Photography and Multimedia Club

The Photography and Multimedia Club gives members an opportunity to learn more about photography and multimedia technology. Activities also include the application of computer technology for multimedia presentation. Instruction on film photography is also available for those who are interested.

Rakkaew Club

The MUIC Enactus Club is a chapter of an international network of student leaders representing more than 1,400 universities in 48 countries that mobilizes students to create economic opportunities for others. Despite the diversity of their backgrounds, these students are brought together by a common desire to lead, inspire and make a difference. The club has undertaken several projects that have made a difference to the local community. Its projects, such as the Parachute Rice Plantation, have been internationally recognized for their success.

Sigma Club

The Sigma Club is a place for club members to get together and share ideas, interests, and knowledge related to creative reading and writing. The club strives to promote the collaboration and integration of students from various backgrounds and expand their mindsets as well as skill sets.

Sign Language Club

The Sign Language club is dedicated to teaching American Sign Language and Thai Sign Language to MUIC students to help benefit the students of MUIC, hard hearing people, and the progression of the society as a whole. This includes interactive activities with the deaf or mute individuals through, e.g., field trips to the School of deaf or visiting industry driven by deaf and mute employees. The objective of the club is to teach sign language to the students of MUIC to help them become better and responsible citizens of the society, decrease the gap between the hearing and hard of hearing community, and facilitate the progress of the community.

Sports Club

The Sports Club is part of the MUIC Health Education Program. Competitions are organized between different leagues during the academic year. Normally, a team will practice two to three times a week. There are three different sports activities at MUIC: Soccer, basketball and volleyball. Try-outs for newcomers are held every trimester. In the second trimester several league matches are held while the third trimester features the International Sports Competition and the Freshy Games.

Science Society Club

The Science Society Club is represented by students majoring in Science (AP, BI, CH, etc.). The members are responsible for disseminating academic information and organizing events specific to their majors.

THM Club

The THM Club was established by Tourism and Hospitality Management students with the aim of developing a mastery in the fields of tourism and hospitality management through invited guest speakers and alumni. The club also organizes activities which generate more knowledge in terms of focusing on career paths, strengthening bonds and creating networks among THM students.

Value Investment Club
The Value Investment Club provides its members opportunities to learn about and make investments, particularly in the Thai stock market. By using a variety of value investment tools in different markets around the world, members are able to explore the value of stocks from each country. Moreover, members evaluate valued stocks through fundamental and technical analyses.
Volunteer Club

Members of the Volunteer Club are committed to helping others. Each year the club sets up a volunteer camp for ten days in a different part of rural Thailand. Participants at the camp teach children English and general hygiene, build new classrooms as well as repair libraries and other facilities. The volunteers also raise funds for their projects.

Student Affairs Office

Office Hours: 8:00 AM–5:00 PM, Monday–Friday

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