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“How MUIC Prepared Me for My Career”

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“How MUIC Prepared Me for My Career”

After four years of university studies, are you prepared for a job?

Mahidol University International College (MUIC) ensures that its students are well-equipped for the challenges of the 21st Century workplace by helping them acquire both subject area knowledge and useful skills.

Here are four graduating students sharing how MUIC prepared them for their respective careers.

How did your major prepare you for your career?

re-Khushil_1 copy

Mr. Khushil Kewalramani
Major: Tourism and Hospitality Management (Class of 2021)
Current Status: Project Lead & Client Success, S2M-group

First off, the quality of my professors and their lectures. THM professors are second to none, and I truly believe that all the skills I learnt throughout my time working closely with them helped shape the person I am today in my professional career. As part of my major, I completed two internships with the support of the faculty, and the experience that I picked up over the collective six months was extremely useful prior to taking on a full-time job. I cannot thank them enough for the guidance and support they provided me during my time at MUIC and beyond.

Secondly, I think THM really helped shape my service-minded attitude. Growing in today’s professional landscape, it’s really important to adopt a service-minded attitude, and THM helped build my perspective around finding solutions that will not just help yourself but also help other people in any way possible. Hospitality teaches you how to think about things from your clients’ perspective and guides you in taking steps that would bring about a solution with benefits for more than just one person.

re-Gamontip_1 copy

Ms. Gamontip Walker
Major: Media and Communication (Class of 2022)
Current Status: Content Creator

Having group projects definitely helped me to learn to reach a  compromise when it comes to my ideas and open up to others’ ideas as well. Especially as a Media and Communication major, I wanted to understand others’ perspectives as well as communicate my own ideas across and create a beautiful piece of work out of it. Without having skills to achieve teamwork, I don’t think I could easily get into the job I am in now, and collaborate with others as well as knowing how to express my own ideas.

Having a chance to present and speak about your ideas and your passions not only to our ajarns, but to everyone in class was something quite bold, but needed to be done. It helps me not only to be a better public speaker, but also to be a better listener when it comes to sharing and gathering ideas, giving comments, engaging in debates, and understanding each other in order to achieve a better art creation, which is what I am passionate about. It opens us to the world of possibilities and what a world looks like through another’s eyes. 

re-Jinta_1 copy

Ms. Jinta Jansajawan
Major: Business Economics (Class of 2021)
Current Status: Management Trainee, True Corp.

As a Business Economics student, it is important to keep myself updated on economics news and market trends through reliable platforms such as “The Economist,” “World Economic Forum,” and “The Standard Wealth.” Having developed the habit of regularly reading such publications made me more inquisitive mind which is really useful for my job. Moreover, the professors are experts in their respective fields and are supportive of their students. Most of the classes in my major shaped me to be an analytical thinker and not just a good follower.

re-Hein_2 copy

Mr. Myo Min Hein
Biological Sciences (Class of 2020)
Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Hein Education

When it comes to my major, Biological Sciences (Biomedical Sciences) equipped me with essential soft skills. Doubtless, management skills are important for my current career. During my university years, I have learned to manage my life better, as in every trimester we have to fulfill all the requirements including attendance, exams, presentations, group projects, assignments. Currently as a teacher, management skills assist me with my teaching plans, grading students’ exam papers on time, attending to teachers’ and parents’ meeting and others. MUIC’s liberal arts education provided me with a well-rounded education not just in science but also in other subject areas. From this, I learned to adapt to different situations and understand people with different backgrounds. This makes me become open-minded and manage well every aspect of my life and make sound career decisions. 

Clearly, these four graduates are benefitting from the education and training they have received from MUIC, giving them a head start in their careers.

To find out how MUIC equips its students with the necessary 21st Century Skills, click here:

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