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Disciplinary Procedures

Disciplinary Procedures

  1. Disciplinary action against any student who has committed an offense cannot proceed without the university investigating the details of the case.
  2. When any student is accused with reasonable evidence that he/she has committed a breach of discipline, or it appears to Head of a Working Unit that a student has committed a disciplinary offense, the Head of Working Unit shall promptly take a disciplinary action under this regulation. Except in the case that the offense involves the students of several working units, the President shall proceed with the case.
  3. In case the accused student confesses in writing to the President or Head of the Working Unit, or that person has ultimately been sentenced to imprisonment, the president or Head of the working Unit may order a disciplinary action without appointing an investigation committee, or the investigation committee shall be allowed to terminate the investigation.
  4. The President or Head of the working Unit shall designate an investigation committee consisting of the chairperson who is a regular lecturer of the related working unit and at least 2 committee members. One committee member is the secretary and an assistant secretary shall also be appointed.
  5. The Investigation Committee shall conduct an investigation and summarize the inquiry file without delay. This shall be completed within 60 days from the date Chairperson of the Investigation Committee is informed of the appointment order.

Where necessary the Investigation Committee may propose an extension of the investigation period to the Appointing Authority for not exceeding 30 days per each extension and not more than twice.

Student Ethics and Disciplinary Committee

  1. The President shall designate a committee called Student Ethics and Disciplinary Committee comprising
    • Vice President assigned by the President as Chairperson
    • An external expert as Committee Member
    • Three Working Unit Heads elected by the University Committee as Committee Members
    • A legal officer from Division of Legal Affairs as Secretary
  2. The President may appoint an assistant secretary.
    • The Student Ethics and Disciplinary Committee has the following duties.
    • Considering and screening the report on investigation results of disciplinary offenses proposed the punishments and giving opinions to the President for consideration of ordering disciplinary penalties
    • Suggesting additional amendments of the regulation or prescribing guidelines for disciplinary actions and disciplinary procedures
    • Other duties assigned by the President

Appeal and Consideration of Appeal

  1. An appeal shall be made for oneself only and must be made within 30 days from the date of being acknowledged or regarded to be​ aware of the order.

The appeal must be in writing showing the facts and reasons for the appeal and explain how the order is invalid, inappropriate or unfair. In addition, the appellant is required to put his/her signature, affiliated working unit and address.

  1. The appellant has the right to request examining and making a copy of personal statement records, other evidence, or relevant documents. To allow this request, however, is under the discretion of the person who orders the punishment, or it can be allowed under any condition.
  2. For the purpose of deterring the appeal period, the date on which the student signs the penalty order shall be regarded as the date of acknowledgement of the order.
  3. With regard to an appeal, the appellant shall write a letter to Chairperson of the Appeal Committee by submitting or sending it directly to the Chairperson or through the Head of the Working Unit that the appellant belongs to.
  4. The appeal to be accepted for consideration must be valid in the essence under Clause 1 The Appeal Committee shall consider promptly, not more than 60 days from the date the appeal letter is received.

In case that whether or not any appeal is accepted for consideration, the Appeal Committee shall consider and promptly notify the appellant of the resolution.

  1. The student appellant may withdraw the appeal before the Appeal Committee completes a decision. With regard to this, the appellant shall write a letter and submit to Chairperson of the Appeal Committee.  When the case has been withdrawn, the consideration of appeal shall be terminated.
  2. When the Appeal Committee has considered an appeal and passed a resolution, the Chairperson shall notify the University Council, the appellant for acknowledgement and notify the person who issues the penalty order to promptly proceed with the decision of the Appeal committee.” “In case the student is not of the legal age, the parents or the guardian of the student shall also be notified.
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