AUN-QA Clinic

The Office of Strategic Planning and Quality Development has established the AUN-QA Clinic to provide an assistance in writing AUN-QA self-assessment report (SAR) and in closing SAR gaps for all programs.

The consultancy will be provided by Dr. Veeradej who is an AUN-QA Assessor in the ASEAN level, will be a mentor in the clinic. Please make an appointment by contacting Ms. Pornnapat Pramchote at least 3 days before the appointment date via Email: or Tel: 4364.

AUN-QA Clinic Timetable:

Days: Monday and Wednesday

Time: 3 – 4 PM.

Remarks: That the schedule and format of mentoring are subject to change in case of Dr. Veerades Phanvisavas has other businesses at that time.

Strategic Planning and Quality Development Office

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