FAQ: PC Direct Track FAQ

PC Direct Track FAQ

Further Information

For further information, please submit your request to PC office via email: icpc@mahidol.ac.th OR via office phone: dial (66) 2 700 5000 ext. 1762 / mobile: dial (66) 83 995 7107, (66) 89 550 7478 (from 08:00 am. to 05:00 pm.).

The PC Direct Track is offered to applicants who have an official English Proficiency score which is below the MUIC requirements. However, their scores qualify them to study at PC to improve their English and Mathematics before pursuing further studies at MUIC. They can apply directly to study at PC without taking the MUIC entrance exam.

Any applicant wishing to join the PC program via the PC Direct Track must:

  • be either Thai/Non-Thai Local OR overseas residents
  • have completed high school or equivalent with a certified graduation certificate or diploma
  • Possess an IELTS score of at least 4.5 or IBT TOEFL score of at least 32,or PTE score of at least 30 within the last 2 years

For further information, please visit http://www.muic.mahidol.ac.th/.

It is a minimum requirement that an applicant must have either of these test certifications.


  • For IGCSE: students must have IGCSE, GCSE or GCE ‘O’ Level for at least 5 subjects and GCE ‘AS’ Level or GCE ‘A’ Level for at least 3 subjects. Students must have completed a total of 8 subjects with a minimum Grade of C.
  • For GED, students must pass 4 subjects with a minimum score of 600 and have an official high school transcript for grade 10 or its equivalent with at least 2 terms.


If students have other questions, please feel free to send an email to icpc@mahidol.ac.th.

Applicants can find details about the application documents and download the application form at http://www.muic.mahidol.ac.th/ . Applicants are required to submit the completed application documents twice as follows:

  1. Send all of the scanned documents to icpc@mahidol.ac.th for initial verification.
  2. Bring the original documents to the PC office, Mahidol University International College on the PC Direct Track admissions day for final consideration for admissions.

See below table:


PC Regular Track (via MUIC Admissions)

PC Direct Track


Apply to take the Entrance Examination at MUIC Admissions during the period specified by MUIC Admissions.

Apply to PC directly during the PC direct track Application period and submit the documents to icpc@mahidol.ac.th.

Entrance Examination

Sit the MUIC Entrance Examination, the results of which will determine whether students are eligible to be interviewed for either MUIC or PC.

Sit the Placement Test organized by PC, consisting of:

●  English Essay Writing

●  Mathematics (as required by major)

●  Interview

Online Placement Test is available for overseas applicants and those who reside in a distant province/area from Mahidol University, Salaya Campus.

Exam/Placement Test Fee

Application fee 1,000 THB


Writing 500 THB

Math 500 THB

Placement test fee 1,500 THB

Announcement of Results

The MUIC website

The final PC Admission results for the PC Direct Track will be announced via the applicant’s email.

Arrangement of classes

Students from both tracks will study together after they are placed into the most suitable PC level.

No. If students possess the required English Proficiency scores for direct entry into MUIC, they may wish to take the MUIC Entrance Examination.

Yes. Students who pass PC4 or MP courses and meet the MUIC Admissions requirements are accepted to study at MUIC

Once accepted to PC, students are required to pay the tuition fee of 40,400 THB (about 1,347 USD) per term. This amount does NOT include the payment for the mathematics course, overseas student fee of 5,000 THB, (about 50 USD) and uniform fee of 200 THB. A PC officer will send an invoice slip to help direct track applicants proceed with their registration payment.

Students will need to pay an 8,000 THB (about 267 USD) fee for a PC mathematics course if the placement test results shows that they must register for math.

Once students have received their placement results and are accepted to PC, they will be advised to apply for
a visa at the Thai Embassy/Consulate in their state or province in their home country. Kindly follow the advice:

Option 1 (Recommended): Enter Thailand with a Tourist (TR) visa, then request a student visa (non-ED visa) from Mahidol University after arrival.

  1. After the placement results are announced by email, students will receive the invoice slip for PC Registration. Please make a payment within the specified period.
  2. Enter Thailand with a Tourist (TR) visa, then PC will prepare an acceptance letter, a visa application letter, and related documents for the visa type change.

Option 2: Enter Thailand with a Non-Immigrant (ED) visa.

  1. Review the Non-Immigrant (ED) visa application requirements and conditions set by the Thai Embassy/Consulate carefully as the requirements may differ in each location.
  2. After the placement results are announced by email, students will receive an invoice slip for PC Registration. Please make a payment within the specified period. Once PC has received the payment slip, an acceptance letter from PC will be issued to the applicant by post within 2 weeks. This acceptance letter is necessary to apply for a visa. This service may not be available if the visa application cannot be processed before the quarter starts, or if the visa processing times are inadequate.


OR those residing in Thailand will be advised to apply for a Visa Type Change to a Non-Immigrant (ED) visa.

Students must contact the PC office at least 1 month before the expiry date of their student visa to receive information and important documents regarding a visa extension. Students must then visit the nearest Thai Immigration Office to have their stay extended.

You must contact the PC office to receive a visa cancellation letter from Mahidol University. This document is required to apply to study at another university/college.

It is not necessary to live on campus. Students may look for accommodations of their own choice. There are a number of dormitories at different rates available near campus. Students can visit this link for a complete list of accommodations near the Salaya campus.

PC provides a wide range of welfare and support for students:

  • Accident insurance with coverage of 200,000 THB (about 6,667 USD) and 10,000 THB (about 333 USD) for medical treatment at certified hospitals
  • Student visa documentation and Counseling services
  • For other types of insurance, such as health and travel insurance, it is suggested that overseas students select insurance that meets their specific coverage needs and purchase it before coming to Thailand.