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From Club Exposition To Fun Exploration!

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From Club Exposition To Fun Exploration!

From Club Exposition To Fun Exploration! With the power of 4Fs:

FIGHT, FAITH, FIRM, and FUN, it’s now time to find out which type are you?

Written by​ Sujika Singhaparn


Don’t get confused with all the physical fighting and dueling here.


This category focuses on clubs involving social works that aim to help communities, students and schools in remote provinces in Thailand, or even in struggling places overseas.


As the name suggests, clubs that belong to FIRM are all about sports. We provide you with Kendo, Muay Thai, and Cycling clubs.


All the clubs in this category would make your leisure time to be even more joyful. If you are a music lover, you seriously cannot miss our Music Club where they allow you to form your own bands and perform at several MUIC events!


Don’t get confused with all the physical fighting and dueling here. The three clubs in FIGHT are all about striving for success and accomplishments in the field of business. We introduce you to Mahidol Startup Club, the club where you can actually express your business ideas and turn them into an actual revenue-generating enterprise. We also provide you with Value Investment Club since you not only need to know how to generate money but also how to save and invest it exponentially. Last but not the least, MUIC Case Club, where you can be exposed to all kinds of business challenges in the real world and find the ultimate solutions for them.


  • Mahidol Startup Club: Want to own a business? Start your entrepreneurial pathway here.
    • We offer students with an entrepreneurial mind and pathway to have a strong foundation about business and startup.
      • By joining us you will:
        • Have a chance to meet other students from other faculties to exchange perspective and share knowledge;
        • Meet with successful startup founders;
        • Learn various techniques and participate in coaching sessions for pitching and idea brainstorming; and
        • Get a direct entrance to Startup Thailand league and other major startup leagues!
      • In 10 months of our operation, we have created more than 300+ entrepreneurs and ฿100,000+ worth of funding to innovative projects. This Term, things will even get more ASTOUNDING!


  • Value Investment Club: Your money grows here
    • We teach you how to save and invest money in various ways.
    • By joining this club you will:
      • Be introduced to investment;
      • Try on stocks simulation;
      • Compete in the investment boardgame;
      • Go on a field trip to SET; and
      • Get investing experiences.
    • Start investing today to step up your value game! If not now, then when?


  • MUIC Case Club: The only place in MUIC where real-world challenges exist.
    • We provide students with ideal business training by exposing them to real-world business problems through various competitions and coaching sessions.
    • By joining this club you will:
      • Develop a business mindset in terms of hard and soft skills;
      • Be provided with ample opportunities to participate in prestigious national and international case competitions;
      • Build your skills set in terms of critical thinking, analytical, business frameworks, presentation, and public speaking skills; and
      • Get a chance to grow your personal and professional network by making new friends and meeting extraordinary people.
    • So, what are you waiting for? Kickstart your career today!


This category focuses on clubs involving social works that aim to help communities, students and schools in remote provinces in Thailand, or even in struggling places overseas. Rak Kaew (รากแก้ว) would bring you to the real pain points of people in the selected communities, find solutions to the problems, and also sustain them for long-term benefits. For Volunteer Club, it focuses on the educational improvement of the students in different provinces such as teaching students, building libraries, etc. AIESEC is slightly different. It scales its social work globally and you will get to work and cooperate with people from around the world. Apart from these three faithful clubs, we also have Nature Lovers Club, Pet Lovers Club, and more!


  • Rak Kaew : We don’t cut weeds with herbicides, we end them with ‘Rak Kaew.
    • Rak Kaew Club provides students with opportunities to learn and understand about local community lifestyle and to apply the students’ knowledge in order to tackle the problem and find out a sustainable solution for the community.
    • By joining this club you will:
      • Learn and understand people’s various ways of life especially those in local communities;
      • Apply existing knowledge to create something new and launch a sustainable project;
      • Develop leadership, interpersonal and teamwork skills;
      • Develop critical thinking to tackle community problems;
      • Have new friendships and fun time; and
      • Travel to the community.
    • We truly aim to be Rak Kaew for all the communities. What about you? What kind of roots are you?


  • MUIC Volunteer Club: It’s not just about changing people’s lives, it’s about changing yours too.
    • Everyone knows that a volunteer means someone who does something good for society without wanting anything in return. In fact, there are many more.
    • Join us and see what we have this Term:
      • Fundraising: Raise money to support a 10-day camp and other club activities for the year;
      • I learn from the paper: Create vocabulary cards as learning materials for students in rural areas;
      • 10-day camp at Ban Don Muk Man School, Nakhon Ratchasima: You can participate in the renovation of the school or help to teach students; and
      • Participants would learn to live, make new friends and get out of their comfort zone.
    • Come and discover for yourself the different meanings of the word ‘volunteer.


  • AIESEC: The world’s largest international youth-run organization
    • We provide young people with the chance to develop their leadership skills and gain cross-cultural experiences through our 6-week volunteer abroad program called Global Volunteer.
    • Join AIESEC and you will get:
      • Increased awareness of world issues;
      • Improved general knowledge about different cultures and countries;
      • Development of personal and professional skills; and
      • Opportunities to make an impact on the local community through volunteering.
    • AIESEC Club brings these values right at the doorstep of MUIC students with activities highlighting both leadership development and interculturalism.


As the name suggests, clubs that belong to FIRM are all about sports. We provide you with Kendo, Muay Thai, and Cycling clubs. However, MUIC has many more interesting sports clubs such as Diving, American Flag Football, etc. These kinds of clubs usually have weekly practice sessions or even off-campus activities and competitions. It is a great opportunity to make friends from other majors, just find one(s) that fit your style the most!


  • Kendo Club: Because we realize that the real fight isn’t with othersit comes from within.
    • Kendo club trains members to improve their own physical and mental strength via several techniques and this kind of mental exercises can be applied to stressful situations in real life as well.
      • By joining this club you will:
        • Join weekly practice sessions and preparation for promotion exam;
        • Learn the Kendo techniques;
        • Learn some Japanese cultural traits regarding Kendo;
        • Practice meditation in the Kendo way;
        • Practice with other Kendo clubs from other universities; and
        • Practice at one of the main Kendo dojos in Thailand.
      • Be part of our family and let us help you build your strength from inside-out.


  • Muay Club: Be brave, put on your gloves, and kick off!
    • Our club focuses on Muay Thai and boxing. We welcome everyone of every gender as well as beginners.
    • We provide you with:
      • Training with an experienced coach with almost 20 fights in Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing, and karate;
      • Fixed days of training as well as extra training;
      • Sessions of pads and sparring practice; and
      • Free equipment provided.
    • Join now and let’s get FIT and FIRM!


  • Cycling Club: All you need is just that one step out of your comfort zone!
    • We are trying to promote well-being in both physical and mental aspects as we encourage people to appreciate nature, exercise the mind and body and care for the environment.
    • Join us and you will:
      • Discover the places you’ve never visited before via cycling;
      • Step up both your physical and mental health;
      • Enjoy weekly leisure and adventurous rides;
      • Get to join cycling camps for 3-4 days at Khao Yai or Kanchanaburi; and
      • Make lots of good new friends!
    • You don’t have to be a pro cyclist to join! You just need to be willing to jump out of your comfort zone! See you at the bike rack!


All the clubs in this category would make your leisure time to be even more joyful. If you are a music lover, you seriously cannot miss our Music Club where they allow you to form your own bands and perform at several MUIC events! The Cheerleader Club is known for its rehearsals, but in return, you also gain very great friendships and extraordinary experience and memories to be proud of. The Boardgame Club could be one of the choices as well for those who strive to win. They have weekly after-school sessions for members to come and enjoy improving their skills! Besides these clubs, we also have Art Club, Photography Club, Choir Club, and many more as well!

  • Music Club: A calm refuge where you can express your musical talents and excel.
    • We are in charge of students’ musical performances in many MUIC events where you can participate in whether as a solo performer or with a band.
    • We provide you with:
      • Music Class where you learn valuable music lessons;
      • Living Room where club members can perform in acoustic musical sessions;
      • MU Rapper, a rap competition in which all MU students are welcome to participate;
      • Studio which students can reserve for their band practices; and
      • Space and opportunities to express your musical skills.
    • Just remember, music is life, that’s why our hearts have beats. 😉
  • Cheerleader Club: Once-in-a-lifetime experience as proud representatives of MUIC
    • We are the representatives of MUIC for events such as The Freshy Games, Inter Cup, Parade, Open House, Club Expo, etc.
    • Join us and you will:
      • Stay connected with friends and alumni from other faculties or universities;
      • Get a fitter and healthier body; and
      • Be able to boost your confidence, teamwork, and time management.
    • Join our cheerleader family to cheer MUIC up !!
  • Boardgame Club: How would you survive in the world full of players?
    • We aim to create a relaxing space for everyone to meet and have fun together while developing many soft skills and encountering challenging problems.
    • We provide you with:
      • Weekly boardgame sessions run by the staff members of the club;
      • Special Werewolf Night—be the last one to survive and win the prize!
      • Soft skill development such as teamworking, analytical, communication, critical thinking, and many more!
    • Let the hunt begin!

Thank you for being interested in MUIC’s clubs!

However, please keep in mind that apart from these 12 clubs mentioned in this post, MANY MORE cool clubs are waiting for you to explore. If you want to know more about MUIC’s clubs and other information, just stay connected to our Facebook,

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