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Hear from our students

Hear from our students

Ekularn Watanatanasup

MUIC Class of 2008, Bachelor of Science major in Biological Science
Data Scientist, Data Café Thailand Co., Ltd.

“Undergraduate education is an opportunity to acquire and develop important skills. MUIC offers various undergraduate programs spanning from Science to Business Administration, Tourism and Hospitality and more. This provides students with an opportunity to take free elective classes outside of their discipline as well as to exchange ideas with their peers from other majors. In today’s world, where knowledge in one area is no longer sufficient, this is truly beneficial. MUIC also offers a wide variety of activities and clubs for students to join, something that each student should take advantage of. Lastly, the alumni network that MUIC provides is simply ‘priceless.’”

Chanon Santinatornkul

MUIC Class of 2018,Bachelor of Fine Arts

“University life is one of the greatest experiences in my life. I gained a lot of knowledge about my field of study, as well as giving me the chance to meet many new friends and learn many things in various challenging projects. All these are precious experiences in a lifetime.”

Pansaya Akarapan

Student in Intercultural Studies and Languages major

“Before I entered university, I wasn’t sure of who I wanted to be and what I would become in the future. MUIC offers liberal arts education where you get to explore a wide range of subjects and get to discover what you are good at. With help from professors and friends, I finally found that answer. MUIC truly brings out the best in you.”

Nattawut Wetprasit

Executive Assistant Manager at Crowne Plaza Vientiane
MUIC Class of 2012, Major in Travel and Service Business Entrepreneurship

“MUIC did not only give me academic skills but soft skills, as well. These are intangible skills which are very important and necessary to successfully lead and work with others. During my studies, I have built such a strong network of friends and alumni through various outside-of-class activities and this personal connection proved to be highly valuable.”

Pobek Pornpongmetta

News Presenter at MONO29
MUIC Class of 2013, Bachelor of Business Administration, Major in International Business

“MUIC is truly the leading international institution of higher learning. As an MUIC student, I had the opportunity to be an exchange student and participate in many global activities. I also served as the college’s representative to many international events. These opened my eyes and brought me valuable experiences.”

Pin-anong Weesapen

3rd Year Bachelor of Arts, majoring in International Relations and Global Affairs

“Majoring in international relations, I have many opportunities in my classes at MUIC to exchange perspectives, discuss ideas and explore different dimensions of the field. I always enjoy being challenged by my fellow students and ajarns to be more critical about my viewpoint. For me, that is what makes learning at MUIC fun!”

Patchrapon Kanjanasiripakdhi

MUIC Class of 2002, Bachelor of Business Administration, major in International Business Growth Manager, DKSH Smollan Field Marketing (Thailand) Limited

“Appreciating diversity, keeping an open mind and continuing to learn are just a few of the things I’ve learned from my time at MUIC. Participating in many activities organized by the Student Association had allowed me to experience firsthand the importance of teamwork and how we could achieve greater things together. At MUIC, we’re a big family.”

Rungravee Kattamarasre

MUIC Class of 2016 Tourism and Hospitality Management degree as a member of the Class of 2016. She is the founder and creative director of a Thai cloth brand, Miss Modern Boutique.

“My experience from MUIC comes as a whole package. The real education I managed to take away from my time in MUIC was beyond the course material of my field of study. The foundation to my success can be more attributed to bigger skill sets such as collaboration, networking, and creative thinking.”

Thanatcha Vichienkalayarat

4th year B.A., majoring in : Food Science and Technology

“I got an F in MUIC. First F is Fulfillment though learning and experimenting. Second F is Fearless thought to overcome challenges. Third F is shaping my Future as I have many chances of discovery. And the last F is Friendship along the journey.”

Thosaphol Suppametheekulwat

MUIC Class of 2003, Bacherlor of Business Administration, major in Marketing General Manager of New Arriva Co., Ltd. and Co-founder of QUALY

“I work with courage, passion and enthusiasm. Everyday I always move forward energetically with strategies. Sometimes I wonder what made me who I am today. I think it’s MUIC that has shaped me.”

Cherprang Areekul

MUIC class of 2019 Bachelor of Science, major in Chemistry

“MUIC provides a liberal arts education which encourages students to become a well-rounded person. Being a Science student majoring in Chemistry, I took Psychology and language classes as well. Moreover, MUIC offers 30 clubs which means students can explore their various interests. I am a member of many clubs too. I also participated in many student activities such as ‘rubnong’ where I met many friends from different majors.”

Pawinpon Theerawong

4th year B.A., majoring in Social Science Virtuous Person of Mahidol University 2019

MUIC has transformed me into a complete and balanced person—educating me in the sciences and imbuing me with moral values. “MUIC’s liberal arts education allows me to explore various fields of knowledge and dig deeper into my specialized courses. MUIC’s internationalism globalizes me.”

Vitchapong Hutasuwan

B.B.A. Major in Marketing, Class of 2013 Most Outstanding Alumni (Rising Star) 2016 Awardee

“I got the idea for my future business (Selvedgework custom denims) when I was in third year college. MUIC is where I developed friendships and relationships, a network, a community. I still keep in touch with my friends and former ajarns.”

Arthitaya Rusmintratip

4th Year, B.B.A. Major in Finance Successful Team Leader

“Every leader needs a good support system. I think MUIC in general and the Student Affairs Office in particular want to see students succeed, so if you are active, determined, and have a clear goal in mind, then, from my experience, they will be very supportive of your endeavors.”

Po-Tsao “Bruce” Chen

B.S. Environmental Science, Class of 2014 Community Engagement Counselor, Scholars of Sustenance

“I joined countless field trips during my time as a student in MUIC. Afterwards, I offered to work as teaching and research assistant during these field trips. These trips allowed me to monitor various changes in ecosystems and solidified my pursuit toward sustainable development.”