Learning How to Use Sign Language

The Sign Language Club of Mahidol University International College (MUIC) came up with an activity called “Learn How to Spell with Your Fingers” on November 6 2021, where the students were taught how to use the American Sign Language (ASL) along with some useful phrases and fun activities.

A certified volunteer student of the club taught alphabets in ASL to the participants. It is a basic knowledge in learning sign language as it contains 21 of about 50 or so handshapes one needs to know in order to learn ASL.

A club officer said, “Learning sign language is really useful. You can communicate secretly with your friends without anyone else understanding or you could also communicate with people from the hard-of-hearing communities.”

It was a fun activity with a lot of laughter and enthusiasm from the students as everyone enjoyed learning this new language. In the upcoming trimesters, the club said it hopes to help develop the sign language skills of MUIC students with more classes.

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