Learning More About Japan

Learning More About Japan

The Summer Program Abroad enabled me to come to Japan and enhance my proficiency in using the Japanese language.  It also built up my understanding of Japanese culture. Since I chose Japanese as my language major here at MUIC, I would benefit much from experiencing Japanese culture firsthand. Without the Summer Program Abroad, I can’t imagine learning not only Japanese language, cuisine, arts or religion but also social beliefs, values and perceptions.

Even though my most frequent travel destination has always been Japan, this time it is different because I went there for studying and not just sightseeing. Majority of the students in the dormitory I stayed in were Japanese so it was quite easy for me to befriend them. For those who study Japanese but who have never had a chance to make friends with them, I guess this is the best way for you to make a fresh start. I learned a lot from the Japanese classes I attended at Chiba University. It also helped that the lecturers gave me enough attention and answers to my questions.

What is more, I was able to polish my skills in the Japanese language in the canteen by talking with friendly Japanese students who were willing to help.

Last but not the least, Japanese food. I am pretty sure if you love Japanese food you should not miss this program as you will enjoy the best cuisine that you can imagine. At the end of the program, I was able to extend my visa to enable me to travel around the country. I made a trip to Kansai to learn more about the different regions of Japan aside from Kanto. You will see many things that people do differently in each region.

If someone asks me whether or not he or she should join this program, I would highly recommend to him or her to do so. The opportunity to learn new cultures and languages are hard to come by. That is why I decided to join this program to quench my thirst for more knowledge and experience. Do not wait for such an opportunity to knock on your door—go for it! I certainly believe that being immersed in a Japanese environment will definitely help you beyond your expectations.

Mr. Thanyanut Anusasanee, a student in the ICCU/ICIC program, is a recipient of MUIC’s Foreign Language Ambassador Scholarship grant in 2019.