Message from the Dean of MUIC Regarding COVID-19 (Issue 1/ 14 March 2020)

Dear MUIC and PC Students,

This morning, Mahidol University announced that one of its students who has been admitted to Siriraj Hospital has tested positive for COVID-19. While this is alarming, I would like you to keep a couple of things in mind.

Firstly, the announcement is very clear that the illness was acquired OFF CAMPUS.  Secondly, all possible contacts are being investigated and followed. MU and MUIC are taking all reasonable precautions to protect the university community.

Finally, and most pertinent to all of you, MUIC will arrange for all face-to-face instruction to conclude by the end of Week 11 (Sat March 21).  Some final exams will be rearranged. You should speak to your instructors regarding the specific details of your class. But in short, we aim to conclude classes and exams sooner than initially scheduled to shorten the amount of time you all will spend on campus.

I would like to remind you once again that it is important to share information in an accurate and responsible manner, for the good of our University and our community.

Chulathida  Chomchi, MD

Associate Professor of PediatricsDean,
Mahidol University International College