Message from the Dean Regarding Guidelines Instructional Management Under the COVID-19 Outbreaks (Issue 2/15 March 2020)

Dear Faculty Members and Staffs
Out of caution, Mahidol University has announced that all on-campus teaching and learning activities on Salaya Campus should cease from March 16 to 20. This is a result of the ongoing investigation of possible person-to-person contacts with the one COVID-positive student mentioned in an earlier MU announcement. Every known contact is being tested and quarantined at this time. The investigation is still ongoing and includes contacts with students from various faculties and persons in shops around the MU Salaya campus. 
As we have already made provisions regarding teaching and examination, I would like to make adjustments given this new constraint.
  1. There will be no on-campus instructions from March 16 to 20 as per the announcement. Instructors are asked to continue instruction online or to bridge missing content with alternative methods of teaching, such as independent projects. Those who teach subjects that are a prerequisite of subsequent other courses will work together with the involved instructors to bridge the gap. 
  2. Week 12 and Week 13 will remain the final examination weeks. All finals will be take-home or online exams whenever possible. In order to communicate information related to the exam with students, lecturers may use their class time in Week 12 (if needed) to conduct a briefing session. For classes that plan to conduct on-campus examination:
    • Classes with one section must schedule their exams in Week 12 during their regular class time only. 
    • Classes with more than one section can have their exams during Week 13 as usual.
  3. Students should come to campus only when necessary and avoid gathering in large groups. While on campus, students are to stay within the vicinity of the two buildings of MUIC. During exam weeks, food will be available at canteens in both buildings until dinner time. Please avoid going to the surrounding areas of the campus.
COVID-19 has the ability to spoil even the best-laid plans, as we have witnessed. Thus, I must reiterate that take-home exams may become a reality at any time should the epidemic worsen. Finally, I also know that providing the best learning experience for students remains the greatest concern of our instructors. This sudden change of plans will no doubt cause worries and anxieties among students and teachers alike. But I am also confident that, by working together with available technologies, we can find alternative modalities and will continue to deliver the educational experience we all desire.
Chulathida Chomchai, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Dean, Mahidol University International College