Moodle & McGraw-Hill ®CONNECT

Venue: Computer Labs A217, Charinyarasmi Hall, Aditayathorn Building.

Time: 13.00 – 16.00

Academic and Strategy Unit, The Office of Academic Affairs, MUIC recently hosted a workshop entitled “Moodle & McGraw-Hill ®CONNECT” to introduce lecturer to an educational tool developed by McGraw-Hill. The event features two sessions; workshop and lecture.

The first session was conducted at Computer Room 217 by Mr. Jasmond Ng, guest speaker from McGraw-Hill Asia. He started explaining the concept of the web and how it can facilitate the teaching and learning. MUIC lecturers were then introduced to CONNECT and got hands on experience on how it works and how to apply it in the class.

®CONNECT was a part of e-learning movement that has been widely regarded as the latest attempt to take advantage of technology to develop a better education. MUIC as one of the most prestigious international college in Thailand, has taken a step forward to be part of this movement. ®CONNECT was described as an artificially intelligent assessment and learning system-web-based platform that can assist teacher in the field of instruction and evaluation helping learners to be more motivated and engaged in their coursework. The web-based was great at assessing students, giving productive feedback, and creating customized learning paths and pace based on the individual needs.  As lecturers are given the progress of each student, it allows them to detect/identify at-risk students through variety of interesting topics, multimedia, and authentic assessments.

 The next session kicked-off with a speech by Dr. Chompunuch Pongjit, Associate Dean for Educational Affairs, who provided an insightful overview of e-learning movement in MUIC and the importance of changing traditional teaching to modernized one.

Then, Dr.Kritya Bunchongchit, a lecturer from Science Division, MUIC started the session by mention briefly about MOODLE; introduction to Moodle and its advantage. 

This followed with another talk by a lecturer from Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Dr.Pahol  Kosiyachinda who shared his own experience in applying ®CONNECT into his course. He stated that by far he was very impressed by its features that allow students to stay on top of assignments and give them extra practice. He stressed that the prompt feedback given to student after the quizzes and how students can go back anytime to the previous lessons are what keep him using it. And though it’s his first experience with the web and just recently employing it, he was surprised to see that it can prevent cheating in classroom.

The last speakers are Mr. Jasmond Ng and Ms. Aranya Chinprawong, from McGraw-Hill Education Asia. They gave the presentation titled ‘Shifting Paradigm from Definitions to Dynamics’.

The event came to an end with providing tokens of appreciation to the speakers and taking a group photo.