MUIC Conducts ELT Workshop

The Preparation Center for Languages and Mathematics (PC) of Mahidol University International College (MUIC), together with NEAS Australia, held the “Professional Development Workshop” on February 11, 2020 at Charinyarasami Hall, Aditayathorn Building.

An estimated 50 participants, composed of high school English teachers and Mahidol University faculty and staff members, attended the workshop which featured two topics: “Leadership in ELT” and “Drama in ELT.”

NEAS Australia is a global leader in quality assurance for the English language teaching (ELT) sector. Its CEO, Dr. Patrick Pheasant, was the guest speaker and workshop facilitator.

The workshop aimed at teaching strategies and solutions for teachers, managers and professional staff in high school, university-based, technical and further education (TAFE), independent and online ELT organizations to help collaborate with other providers in Australia and ASEAN.