MUIC is a new institutional member of ARTNet

Since the beginning of July 2019, Mahidol University International College is an institutional member of ARTNet, hosted by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP).

MUIC is a new institutional member of ARTNet

ARTNet is an open regional network of research and academic institutions and think-tanks with a keen interest in international trade and investment policy and facilitation challenges, in the context of sustainable development.


  • Helps disseminate the research done by its members and partners to policymakers, through ARTNet website, United Nations publications, and ARTNet meetings;
  • Serves as a platform for networking for researchers, policymakers, institutions and development partners;
  • Provides members with opportunities to participate in ARTNet research projects as well as research projects from international institutions;
  • Conducts technical training workshops and other capacity-building activities for junior researchers, analysts, and government officials.

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