MUIC Lecturer Wins Grand Prize in US Film Festival Contest

A lecturer from the Fine and Applied Arts (FAA) Division won the grand prize at the Rhode Island International Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2019 (for the second time) with his latest feature screenplay entitled ‘They Sound Human.’

Selected from 550 script entries, Bryan Ott’s award winning script is the narrative sequel to his 2017 grand prize entry ‘Beasts and Children.’  “’They Sound Human,’ a horror western told from the point of view of a female Irish immigrant in 1865, explores the journey of a single mother who set out in search of her missing daughter whom she fears has been abducted by local orphan traders. To make matters worse, demonic beasts roam the woods intent on luring abandoned children to their doom,” Mr. Ott said.

Mr. Ott is currently adapting his screenplay into a graphic novel after being awarded a research grant from MUIC earlier this year. “As a PhD candidate at Deakin University in Melbourne, this screenplay is the means to test and explore the process of writing a post-feminist narrative as a male screenwriter influenced by Hollywood practice and screenwriting craft history. The process of adapting these ideas visually into a graphic novel form is extremely exciting. I can’t wait to show people the end results,” he said.

He will complete his PhD studies in early of 2020 and the graphic novel, separated into two books, aims to be published sometime later the same year.

“With the current global need for online content, it’s important to consider that content creation without a strong understanding of archetype storytelling craft practice, may not produce lasting results. There is so much creative content in the world, but it seems to me that most of it is very disposable,” Mr. Ott explained. “As a screenwriting practitioner, I am constantly working to improve my writing, getting feedback and developing my ideas. I want to create content that emotionally moves a reader, perhaps inspires other storytellers through demonstration of craft, but also potentially stands some test of time. I want my kids to read it one day, and be influenced to perhaps create and tell lasting stories as well.”