MUIC Research Cluster Projects Receive an External Grant from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation

On Monday, 9 September 2019 a group of faculty members from MUIC pitched four projects as part of the Bangkok Noi Model Initiative to the Siriraj Hospital CSR team and to a representative from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. Faculty involved in the proposed research projects are from different divisions, including Tourism and Hospitality Management, Humanities and Languages, and Fine and Applied Arts, and staff members from the Research Promotion and Management unit helped to facilitate the presentations. The four interdisciplinary projects focus on the revitalisation of the community around Siriraj Hospital and involve a variety of approaches to benefit the people and place, including workshops that engage the community, an exhibition of photographs generated by youth in the neighbourhood, tours and pop up events for locals and tourists, a forum for residents to voice their ideas and concerns, as well as a documentary film and use of social media to bring awareness to others about Bangkok Noi district. After consideration from the committee, it was announced that an external grant from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation would be awarded to all of the proposed projects.