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MUIC Social Engagement

Inspired by Prince Mahidol’s famous words, “True success is not in the learning but in its application for the benefit of mankind,” MUIC aims to instill in its students, faculty, and staff the value of using their knowledge, skills, and resources to help humanity. The College reaches out to communities and builds links with support organizations in order to promote volunteerism and play a responsible role in society.

The MUIC Social Engagement Unit provides administrative support for the development of volunteer activities for students, faculty, researchers and staff who wish to engage in sustainable projects in the community. We also support collaborative engagement with other institutions at the local, national, and international levels. We build on existing relationships and create new associations in order to enhance the role of Mahidol University in the community.


To work together with the partners to serve the needs of the community


To meet community needs by sharing knowledge, expertise, skills and resources; to foster sustainable volunteer programs for the benefit of all parties

Our Event Highlights

  1. To promote community engagement by developing mutually beneficial relationships with community partners
  2. To support campus-based and community-based community engagement
  3. To work with faculties, departments, institutes and centers on and off campus to increase community engagement
  4. To make a difference in the areas where we have a presence. To ensure that we give something to the communities we serve
  5. To help address problems faced by surrounding communities and community partners; to promote engaged scholarship, applying theory to practice
  6. To deepen the MUIC learning experience by giving students, faculty, researchers and staff members the chance to make a difference with community partners
  7. To bring awareness of our projects via social media and other public forums