Mathematical Foundation Program

The Math Foundation Program is a relatively new offering of the Preparation Center for Languages and Mathematics (PC). The program was created to assist students who have not reached the required minimum math score on the MUIC entrance exam but who have otherwise met all MUIC entrance requirements. Math Foundation Program gives these prospective students an opportunity to improve their math skills and gain entrance into MUIC. Students benefit from a small class size, individual attention, and attending class with a group of students solely focused on math. MP was designed to not only give students a chance to enter MUIC, but in addition, to build a fundamental understanding of algebra needed for future math courses and general education. MP helps students realize the importance of proper study skills and preparation in order to achieve their goals.

Frequently asked questions

Entrance Exam Scores
(English and mathematics* courses are offered.)
(Only mathematics courses are offered)
EnglishEntrance English scores are moderate and do not meet MUIC requirements.Entrance English scores meet MUIC requirements.

Entrance mathematics scores meet MUIC requirements. (Not every student is required to study math. The course offered depends on Entrance Exam scores or selected major.)

Entrance mathematics scores do not meet MUIC requirements.

*Mathematics courses may be offered to some students.

No.Because the math scores of these students are below the MUIC requirement, the students are not yet eligible to take other courses at MUIC.
MP students will have to spend 10 weeks (approximately 3 months) in the MP program before entering MUIC. The MP program consists of two 5-week courses: M1 and M2.

PC provides a wide range of welfare and support for MP students, including the following:

  • Accident insurance with the coverage of 200,000 THB (approximately $6,666 USD) and 10,000 THB (approximately $333 USD) for medical treatment at certified hospitals
  • Student visa documentation
  • Certification letters
  • Medical & first aid services
  • Counseling services
  • Student activities
  • Dormitory information