MUIC’s MBA Program Conducts Field Trip and Workshop in Chiang Rai

Students enrolled in ICBA625 Innovation Project in Mahidol University International College’s (MUIC) MBA program participated in a “Learning by Experiences and 1+1 Facilitation Workshop” during November 23-24, 2019 in Chiang Rai.

This activity was meant to provide opportunities for the students to gain industry insights from small, medium and large-sized enterprises. At the conclusion of the seminar-workshop, the students were able to understand the customers’ journey to seek market opportunities and be able to apply toolsets of HMV and Lotus Blooming to identify a company’s value proposition and stakeholder mapping.

The agenda throughout this trip were as follows:

Visit 1 Singha Park: Learn how (and why) a large corporation creates innovative value through its supply chain.

Visit 2 Cha101: Learn how Young Agripreneurs create a working environment that stimulates innovation and community-based business growth.

Visit 3 Wang Put Tan: Learn how a local hotel as a microbusiness generates new revenue streams from innovative products and services.

Visit 4 Tea Plantation: Learn how local tourism creates “new experience” beyond good services.

Visit 5 Chiang Rai: Local show & share at garden112: Learning how young entrepreneurs curate local products from their community added value through design and innovation.

With these company visits, the program hoped to deliver better pedagogical methods that provided students with a practical experience under different corporate environments. The visits were seen to be beneficial to all participating MBA students.