MUIC’s Research Team Partners with Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok Noi Project

Mahidol University International College’s (MUIC) Research Cluster Team visited the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Unit of Siriraj Hospital on May 10, 2019 to discuss collaboration between the two institutions in the “Bangkok Noi Model Project.”

The Research Cluster Team was led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chanida Hansawasdi, Associate Dean for Research, and Asst. Prof. Dale Konstanz, Assistant Dean for Research. Joining them were Dr. Wayne Nicholas Phillips from Science Division, Mr. Matthew Robert Ferguson from Humanities and Language Division, and Dr. Pattarachit Choompol Gozzoli from Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, Mahidol University. They were accompanied by the Research Promotion and Management Section staff.

Based on discussions, the expected output and outcome of the collaboration were to develop the well-being and economic status of the Suwannaram community which is located adjacent to Siriraj Hospital.

It was noted that the community retains valuable aspects of traditional Thai culture and lifestyle. It also has several spots that have the potential to be developed as tourist destinations, including Thonburi Locomotive Depot, Baan Bu Stainless Collection, Jiam Saensajja Stone-set Bowl Factory, Talad Raikahn (Wat Thong), Sa-Nguan Osot Dispensary, Suwannaram Temple, and Bangkok Noi local museum.