PC Students & Their Pride (Quarter 4/2018)

The Preparation Center for Languages and Mathematics (PC) has brought 92 new students into the PC and MP Programs in Quarter 4/2018, making up 400 local and 20 international students this quarter.

Specially for this term, MUIC and PC, in the MOU with Yunnan University of China, have welcomed a special group of 4 students to the PC program to receive language preparation before stepping ahead to the college level. They are:

1. Mr. Ruibo Li (PC3)
2. Ms. Ziyi Yan (PC3)
3. Ms. Xuenan Zhang (PC2)
4. Ms. Wenhui Wang (PC1)

From last PC quarter, some exceptional students have been granted various awards for their academic endeavors and contributions to PC. Presented at the recent PC Student Orientation by Dr. Alexander Nanni, the Best PC2 Term Project award went to Mr. Thanaphum HONGPHAKDEE, who produced an excellent news video regarding a social issue in an ASEAN country.

For posting the highest recorded average grade in Quarter 3/2018, these four students received the Academic Excellence awards:

1. Mr. Surawoot UDOMPORNSIN (PC1)
2. Ms. Chotirod MAMUANG (PC2)
3. Mr. Thanapoom TEPJADEE (PC3)
4. Ms. Khanlaya HANCOCK (PC4)

Meanwhile, the four students below received the Outstanding Contribution awards for acting as “a role models for other students because of their maturity, cooperation, and efforts to achieve academic and personal goals”:

4. Ms. Alice BALZLI (PC4)

Moreover, the other student, Ms. Chotirod MAMUANG (PC2), also received a special award for her exemplary academic achievement throughout Quarter 3/2018.

PC wishes these students the best in their academic endeavors and in the next step at MUIC.
October 1, 2018 | by Chonnakan Sitthiwanit