Faculty Members

Asst. Prof. Dr.York Gunther

Asst. Prof. Dr.York Gunther

Asst. Prof. Dr.York Gunther

+66 (0) 2700-5000, Ext. 1403


Ph.D., Philosophy, Columbia University
M.Phil., Philosophy, Columbia University
M.A., Philosophy, Columbia University
B.A., Philosophy & Literature, University of Toronto
Diploma 10, Piano, Royal Conservatory of Music

Areas of Research Interest

Philosophies of Mind and Psychology; Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics; Foundations of Language; History of Ideas; Politics, Culture and Ethics; Metaphysics; Logic

Courses Taught

ICHM 218 (Film Studies)
ICHM 213 (Knowledge Representation)
ICHM 225 (Classical Western Ideal)
ICSP 356 (Psychology of Emotion)
ICCU 202 (Intro to Eastern & Western Art)
ICCU 204 (History of Ideas I)
ICCU 205 (History of Ideas II)
ICCU 330 (Mind & Machines)
ICCU 333 (Intercultural Philosophy)
ICCU 350 (Independent Studies)

Humanities and Language (HLD) Office

Room 2208, 2nd Floor,
MUIC Building 2
Phone: +66 (2) 700 5000, Ext. 1213
Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm