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Consulting Services

The continuing corporate development is one of the vital factors of an organization’s growth and success. With the full assistance by our team of professionals, MUIC provides you the consulting service matching with your corporate requirements and help your business stay competitive in the rapid-changing business world.

Our college has years of experience in managing consulting projects in various areas:

Big Data and Technology Management

In this era of big data, handling overloaded information can be a big deal. Our globally known experts are able to support to cope with it by setting data management system suiting your corporate needs. Moreover, we can design the technologies or AI systems to make your business smoothly flow and keep ahead in this digital world.

Business Enhancement

With the foresight of professionals accompanied by the experience of working with many public and private corporations, our professors can support you in enhancing your business in planning in various aspects, both corporate and personnel-related: corporate strategies, human resource management and development, performance improvement, and employee engagement.

Design Solution

Don’t know how to adjust your space? You can leave your place in our professionals’ hands. You can be sure that your building or working space will be enriched aesthetically, along with the suitability for usage and being the most advantageous space.

Tourism Management

Our tourism and hospitality management faculty members are proficient in national and provincial strategic planning for tourism. They can assist you in bringing your unique tourism sites, traditions, and local festivals in the spotlight. Our professional team not only helps tourist attractions be developed in the most effective way and being more well-known, but also helps them to progress in sustainable ways and to preserve local cultures.