Leadership and Coaching

Leadership and Coaching

In Asia today, leaders much be able to adapt to the rapidly changing circumstances they face. This requires a broad perspective, vision, awareness of recent developments in their field and a solid knowledge of their staff’s strengths and weaknesses. Our Leadership training is designed to help large MNCs improve performance, motivation, decision making and operational effectiveness while also reducing turnover and miscommunication.

Program Leader: Asst.Prof. Dr.Douglas Lee Rhein

Key Learning Points:

  • The Impact of Your Corporate Culture
  • Planning, Coaching, Supporting, Delegating and Directing
  • Motivating through Long Term Intrinsic Rewards
  • Managing Change Initiatives
  • Successfully Designing and Communicating Plans through Corporate Values
  • Enhance Team Members’ Engagement and Employee Retention

Who should attend the course?
Executive and managerial-level employee who are interested in leadership and would like to strengthen the organization

**This customized course can be arranged at the client’s preferred schedule at a location chosen by the client or a venue in Bangkok with high standard facilities and excellent services. The course fee is based on the number of participants and venue.

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