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MBA 4+1 Program

If you are an outstanding MUIC bachelor student with clear professional goals and personal maturity, MBA 4+1 program can give you a fast start on your professional goals. The MBA 4+1 Program is a combined Bachelor/MBA program providing an opportunity for bachelor students to take MBA courses while studying in a bachelor program. This allows students to complete both degrees within 15 trimesters (5 years), faster than pursuing the degrees separately. Students will then gain an edge in the job market and increase their earning potential.

This program is designed for students with diverse academic backgrounds. However, students are required to complete non-credit pre-courses. Students wishing to pursue this program should apply during their Trimester 8 of study in the bachelor program or when they complete at least 2/3 of the total number of credits required for the bachelor program. Students are also encouraged to discuss their study plan with the iGS office before applying.

Moreover, as MBA students are expected to have professional work experience, an internship is strongly recommended for bachelor students with limited business-related work experience.

Information regarding to courses that students are required to take in different phases of the curriculum can be found below.

MBA Curriculum and Courses


Trimester 1 – Trimester 8

During the first phase of the program, students are free to choose and develop an expertise of their choice; Business Administration (BA), Tourism & Hospitality Management (THM), Fine & Applied Arts (FAA), Sciences (SC), Social Sciences (SS) or Humanities & Language division (HLD). Students are therefore required to take courses according to their chosen bachelor curriculum.


Trimester 9 – Trimester 12

In this phase, students have an opportunity to build the business foundations and broaden their business perspective with MBA core courses. The program allows students to take up to two MBA courses per trimester


Trimester 13 – Trimester 15

In this last phase, students will be fully immersed in the MBA program as they already complete their bachelor study. This phase will cover the remaining coursework in which students will embrace challenges in the business world by applying the knowledge in MBA elective courses. Moreover, during the last two trimesters, students are required to conduct research and write thesis/thematic paper to solve a business issue thoroughly.