PC Alumni

PC Alumni

Hear From Our Students

1 Ms. Thanaporn Thabjan (Aom) copy

Ms. Thanaporn Thabjan (Aom)

Director, Learning and Development at American Cancer Society

One thing I remember about PC was that the courses were well-organized, allowing students like me to clearly recognize what is expected and what is not in higher education. This increases the chances for students to be able to succeed in their four years at MUIC and enhances their ability to strive. As students in the program were from different schools across the country, PC helped set standards and helped students transition from being teenagers to young adults while getting acclimated to the new environment. I met many good friends there, and we continued to help each other throughout our MUIC courses. The PC staff was helpful, and I am still in touch with a few of them today.

I would say that all PC course components and learning objectives were clearly defined and structured. The courses helped me grow as an independent young adult, getting ready for real college life with more expectations and pressure. I would say that PC sets up students like me for success by helping to navigate so that I could pursue my own journey successfully. Although I had to make big adjustments in my habits and behavior, I was glad that I attended PC as it helped me manage the demands of college life and broadened my perspectives.

As you grow up, you realize that not everyone is willing to allow you to try, make a mistake, and then try again until you succeed, but PC is one of those rare places. It serves as a transitioning place to help you prepare while learning what is essential in reaching your full potential. All learning components are well-structured, which fosters good study habits, and those turn into a solid work ethic when you step into the professional world. I see PC as a place that builds a foundation upon which you can continue to build, not just during your time at MUIC, but also throughout your career.

2 Ms. Sopheak Thai (Nam) copy

Ms. Sopheak Thai (Nam)

ASEAN-THAI scholarship student

My English and critical thinking skills improved to another level during my 10-week courses at PC. Grammar and academic vocabulary practice there gradually enhanced my four basic English skills – listening, writing, speaking, and reading. Discussions on important issues were also provided at PC, training my mind to analyze problems more deeply. As a college student at MUIC, I see how significant PC has been to my university journey. Not only can I communicate with professors and classmates more fluently in English, but I also can express my opinion on issues more logically and confidently.
3 Mr. Binbin Yang (Henry) copy

Mr. Binbin Yang (Henry)

Chinese student

The main benefit of PC is meeting a lot of new friends when assigned to study with different people at each level. This helped me establish strong connections for my college life. Another benefit is that it gave me a basic understanding of college life because PC students study in the same building as college students and also have the opportunity to participate in college activities. The PC courses helped me academically, such as when teachers demonstrated to students how to use references properly. This skill is essential at MUIC!
4 Ms. Sudarat Saengthaiyarak (Woonsen) copy

Ms. Sudarat Saengthaiyarak

PC scholarship for Excellence student

What I have acquired from studying at PC is that I have enhanced my academic English to be more professional. Not only has this program helped me develop my language skills, but it also has considerably changed my behavior and perspective since I feel encouraged to improve myself all the time. Despite feeling overburdened in terms of assignments and projects, PC has driven me to not give up easily and to make a lot of attempts to get through everything. Hence, studying at PC has been one of the best experiences in my life, which I will never forget.

5 Mr. Sila Sompook (Ta) copy

Mr. Sila Sompook (Ta)

PC scholarship for Excellence student

My experience at PC was unexpectedly fascinating. In educational terms, all of my PC teachers provided me with all kinds of truly essential skills and knowledge to help me communicate fluently in English through an excellent collection of material. Moreover, they are all also kind, accessible, and competent. You can ask them any academic question, and they will give you a perfect answer for it. In terms of the social environment, I made a lot of good friends from different countries there, and they are all awesome. Study at PC, and you will never regret it.
6 Ms. Swissa Pradhan copy

Ms. Swissa Pradhan

Nepalese student

I was overwhelmed in the beginning of PC but began to feel better with the help of my teachers and friends. The experience felt wonderful and gave me great comfort throughout each course. I improved my critical thinking in English and learned how to use proper grammatical sentence structure and paraphrase sentences. At the same time, my English speaking skills also improved due to continuous use of the English language with my teachers and friends. After I completed my English Program courses at PC, I was able to properly use English and write with confidence and no hesitation. Furthermore, my MP journey was also insightful, and I learned the basic mathematical concepts that I needed to refine and advance my calculation skills. My teachers provided a very comfortable environment to receive their feedback whenever I made mistakes. This helped to enhance my self-confidence.

All the knowledge I gained from PC was the backbone structure to utilize in my further college studies. It improved my basic skills, which made it easier to understand my college classes.

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