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What is the Mathematical Foundation Program?

The Mahidol University International College Preparation Center for Languages and Mathematics (PC) is pleased to offer a new Math Foundation Program. The program was created to assist students who have not reached the required minimum math score on the MUIC entrance exam but who have otherwise met all MUIC entrance requirements. Math Foundation Program gives these prospective students an opportunity to improve their math skills and gain entrance into MUIC.

What are the Benefits of MP?

“MP gives students the opportunity to solidify important math skills necessary to be successful in an international environment. Students benefit from a small class size, individual attention, and attending class with a group of students solely focused on math. Too many students across the world are forced to leave universities every year because they fail math courses. MP was designed to not only give students a chance to enter MUIC, but in addition, to build a fundamental understanding of algebra needed for future math courses and general education. MP helps students realize the importance of proper study skills and preparation in order to achieve their goals.”

PC/MP Academic Calendar



How can I apply to MP?

Applicants apply to study in the MP program via:

MP Curriculum

The Mathematical Foundations Program (MP) at the Preparation Center for Languages and Mathematics (PC) provides an opportunity for MUIC applicants who have proficient English language skills but have mathematics scores that are below the requirements of their chosen major. These applicants could potentially be accepted to MUIC if they improve their mathematical skills to the level equivalent to MUIC’s Foundation Math course.

Each MP course runs for 10 weeks, totaling 96 hours of class time per quarter.

Admission requirements:

  • In order to be eligible to study in the PC’s Mathematical Foundation Program (MP), an applicant’s qualifications must meet all PC Admission requirements, including passing an interview.
  • Successful MP applicants will be enrolled into the appropriate MP course to fulfill their major admissions requirements.

Course Title

Registration requirements according to MUIC majors*









Mathematical Foundations Program (MP)

* Above information may change depending on each major admission requirements

Passing Criteria for MP & Matriculation to MUIC

In order to pass MP and matriculate to MUIC, MP students must meet the following criteria:

  • Pass the MP objectives according to the course syllabus.
  • Must attend at least 80% of the class hours in order to take final exams.
  • Achieve a final grade of ‘S’ (60% or above) to pass the MP program.
  • Demonstrate appropriate behavior through the MP course.
  • Submit complete high school results.
  • Meet all admissions requirements for the chosen major.


  1. Final grades cannot be changed for any level. Students may not ask teachers or the Program Director to add points to their grades. All such requests will certainly be ignored.
  2.  Students who have already passed the MP course will have their results transferred to MUIC when they are accepted and registered there — MP students are NOT required to retake the MUIC Entrance Examination. If students cannot pass the MP course, their MUIC Entrance results will be cancelled.

MP Academic Calendar

Based on a quarterly system, the academic calendar for the Mathematical Foundations Program (MP) aligns with the academic calendar for the Preparation Center (PC) for Languages and Mathematics. The calendar below shows when the students who are qualified for MP will be able to attend classes and subsequently enter MUIC as college students.

PC Quarter MUIC Trimester*:
Students that pass the MP Program could subsequently study at MUIC in:
Quarter 1 (January – March) → Trimester III (April – July)
Quarter 2 (March – June) → Trimester I (September – December)
Quarter 3 (June – August) → Trimester I (September – December)
Quarter 4 (September – November) → Trimester II (January – March)

MP Course Duration: 10 weeks per course. Classes are conducted on Mondays – Fridays

*Remark: A student who completes the MP Program in any PC quarter is eligible to study at Mahidol University International College in the following trimester.

Applicants may rely on the above PC/MP Academic calendar for arrangement of your study plan for either MP or MUIC, depending on your MUIC Entrance Examination result.

Example: A student has been accepted to study in MP in Quarter 4. He or she will start the MP course in September and complete the course in November. Then, he or she could study at MUIC in January (Trimester 2).


(Thai University Central Admission System) * For Thai high school graduates

If the MUIC entrance examination results shows that I get accepted to MP, will my name be submitted to the TCAS (Thai university central admissions system)?
No. Only the students who are accepted to MUIC will have their names submitted to the TCAS. Those with MP student status will not have their names submitted to the TCAS until they complete MP and have enrolled at MUIC and paid the MUIC admissions fee.

I have been accepted to MP, but I submitted my name to another university in the TCAS earlier. what should I do?
The PC program does not submit the students’ names to the TCAS; all the accepted students can study at MP on condition that they have to cancel their admission status in the TCAS before continuing to Mahidol University International College.


How do MP students differ from PC students?

Entrance Exam Scores
(English and mathematics* courses are offered.)
(Only mathematics courses are offered)
English Entrance English scores are moderate and do not meet MUIC requirements. Entrance English scores meet MUIC requirements.

Entrance mathematics scores meet MUIC requirements. (Not every student is required to study math. The course offered depends on Entrance Exam scores or selected major.)

Entrance mathematics scores do not meet MUIC requirements.

*Mathematics courses may be offered to some students.

Why do students have to study only at MP? Can they just study at MUIC and simultaneously study math at MP?

No.Because the math scores of these students are below the MUIC requirement, the students are not yet eligible to take other courses at MUIC.

How long do I have to spend at MP before entering MUIC?

MP students will have to spend 10 weeks (approximately 3 months) in the MP program before entering MUIC. MP students will have to spend 10 weeks (approximately 3 months) in the MP program before entering MUIC.

Does MP provide any student welfare or student support during studies?

PC provides a wide range of welfare and support for MP students, including the following:

  • Accident insurance with the coverage of 200,000 THB (approximately $6,666 USD) and 10,000 THB (approximately $333 USD) for medical treatment at certified hospitals
  • Student visa documentation
  • Certification letters
  • Medical & first aid services
  • Counseling services
  • Student activities
  • Dormitory information

Contact PC Office

Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00 am-5:00 pm
1st floor, Mahidol University International College Building 2
+66 (0) 2700 5000 #1762/3902-3905
+66 (0)2-441-0234