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Bachelor of Communication Arts (B.Com.Arts.)

Major in Media and Communication

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The Media and Communication Program aims to create storytellers and content creators who can use various platforms of media to communicate to the world artistically. The curriculum integrates theory and practice. While the theoretical portion is designed to establish a base of interdisciplinary knowledge combining arts, humanities and communication, the practical part ensures students can apply theory in a working context in terms of art and technology. The program is uniquely positioned to prepare students for today’s converging media environments. Upon completion of the program, students will have a deep understanding of the role of media in shaping our individual and collective identities. They will have the knowledge and skills necessary to seek and hold jobs in the media industry locally and globally

Career Opportunities

Journalist, Correspondent, Editor, Media Producer, Documentary Maker, Feature Writer, Media Public Policy Maker, Media Consultant, Media Researcher, Actor, Director, Scriptwriter, Media Event Organizer, Stage Manager, Production Crew

Course Structure

Course Category Credits
Foundation Courses
General Education Courses
52 credits
– English Communication
16 credits
– Natural Sciences
8 credits
– Humanities
16 credits
– Social Sciences
8 credits
– Health Science and Physical Education
4 credits
Major Courses 
120 credits
– Core Courses
56 credits
– Required Courses
24 credits
– Elective Courses
16 credits
– Compulsory Electives
24 credits
Free Electives
 8 credits

Total Credits Required
No Less Than 180 Credits

Note: If students are placed into the ‘Advance Track’ for their General Education requirement in English Communication, 4 credits of General Education in English Communication will be waived.

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