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Collaborative Programs

1+3 Bachelor Degree

Collaborative Programs

1+3 Bachelor Degree Credit Transfer Program

A collaboration between MUIC and Yunnan University (China)

through its Yunnan University International Education Service Center (YNU-IESC) in bachelor credit transfer agreement.
This arrangement will allow YNU students who meet MUIC admission requirements to matriculate at MUIC after successfully completing 11 articulated courses at YNU for their first year of study. The 11 courses they had taken at YNU will then be transferred to their MUIC student transcript. Students will continue studying according to MUIC curriculum and will receive a bachelor’s degree from MUIC.
The pilot degrees under this MUIC-YNU collaboration are the Bachelor of Business Administration degree consisting of four majors (Business Economics, Finance, International Business, Marketing), and the Bachelor of Management degree in International Hospitality Management.


Mr. Yanting LI

Aaron - Mr. Yanting LI
The first year studying in YNU helped me pass IELTS at a score of 6.5 and also helped me to adapt to English-teaching environment. After I came here, I was impressed by everything in the university, everyone is so nice and I love Thai food so much. Now I’ve already used to study and live here.


Ms. Jiaxin TAN

Firstly heard this program I was very interested in it and then I joined it because this program is effective and helps me grow in a foreign environment. I have traveled to Thailand several times and really like this country and then I know MUIC is the best international college in Thailand that’s the reason why I choose this university.


Ms. Ziyi YAN

Studying abroad has always been my dream, but I have been somewhat afraid because of language problems. This project just gave me the opportunity to study and improve my language ability to adapt to the English teaching environment at Yunnan University in the first year. I became more confident and adapted to life in English after coming to Mahidol. Mahidol University is very connected to the world. I have met many students from all over the world. Here I feel different from domestic education and learning methods. In class, teachers like to study and work in groups. This also makes it easier for us to make some local friends.