Admission Process: Pathway Program

The MUIC-SGU Foundation Year Program is a collaboration between Mahidol University International College (MUIC) and Saint George’s University (SGU). MUIC will offer a 50-credits which is equivalent to the Foundation year for the medicine program being provided at SGU’s Grenada Campus. The admission process into MUIC-SGU Foundation Program curriculum, study plan, prerequisite coursework, and the estimated calculation of tuition and fees are as described below.

Admission Process

To be admitted into this program, applicants must apply to be a full-time student at MUIC through the MUIC admission process. The applicants may apply as a regular or a fast track-applicant. The admission criteria and requirements are described in the MUIC website Briefly, an applicant must submit the required document such as official transcript, a photocopy of high school certificate or diploma (if graduated), a verification letter of current student status (if studying), language proficiency test, standardized test used for college admission such as SAT or ACT, a recommendation letter, a photocopy of ID or passport, and a photocopy of one’s current residency document. Document submission may be submitted in person or mail along with payment of application fee.

Upon becoming an MUIC student, the student may declare your interest in entering the MUIC-SGU Medicine Pathway at any time during your study. Then, you will apply for a conditional acceptance from SGU. Upon completing an interview, you will obtain a conditional acceptance letter. This conditional acceptance will stipulate that you must achieve a GPA of 3.4 or above to fulfill the conditional acceptance. However, for those who have completed all required courses with a GPA higher than or equal to 3.2 but less than 3.4, you may take an SGU qualifying examination and achieve a minimum net passing score of 70%, in order to be considered for admission into SGU MD Program. If you meet this condition, there will be a scholarship interview prior to departure to study at Doctor of Medicine program at SGU.

Admissions Office

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