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Academic forms: Current Undergraduate

All of this should be below the list. The text should read: Students should complete and submit these forms in person. If this is not possible, a representative can do so on the Student’s behalf, provided they have a completed Letter of Authorization.

General Academic Forms

Contact Information at OAA office

Address Change Notification

Certificate Request Form

Course Syllabus Request Form

Leave of Absence Request Form

Letter of Authorization

Name Change Notification

Resident Tuition Request Form

Readmission Request Form

Student Status Maintenance Form

Student Resignation Form

Special Registration Request Form

Transcript Request Form

Divisions/Majors Forms

Contact Information at Division office

Concentration Application Form

Minor Application Form & Cancellation Form

Minor in Business Administration Program

Minor in Science Program

Recommendation Letter Request Form

Request for observation of Doctor-patient Interaction

Special Registration Request Form (To Exceed 22 Credits/Below 12 Credits)

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