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Graduation Registration

MUIC students who have successfully completed all courses required to earn the degree and have processed the registration for graduation are allowed to participate in the Royally-presented diploma graduation ceremony. Please check whether all grades have been announced on SKY before proceeding to apply for the Graduation Registration.

The Graduation Registration Form is available at the Registrar’s Unit (OAA).

Please fill in the form carefully. A commitment to either participate in the Commencement Ceremony or not should be declared in the Graduation Registration Form. After completing the form, students should submit it to the Registrar’s Office Unit at OAA to be verified before paying the fee.

If a student wishes to request a representative to fill in and submit the form to the Registrar’s Unit at OAA, he/she should make sure that the representative knows the student’s correct personal details.

The following need to be prepared and submitted together with the Graduation Registration Form:

    1. Two 1-inch photos in graduation gown:
      Please check the distinctive color of the gown as per the degree.
    2. Fees
      – If you are going to attend the commencement ceremony, the registration fee is 1,000 Baht.
      – If you will not attend the commencement ceremony you only need to pay 500 Baht for the diploma.
      – No refund will be given after you have paid the fee, and changes of your commitment will not be allowed.

      – If you cannot attend the ceremony, the diploma can be collected 15 days after the commencement day at the Registrar’s Unit, counter A of Room No.348, 3rd Floor, Aditayathorn Building.
      – Letter of authorization is required if you cannot collect the diploma at the Registrar Unit by yourself. Please check or download the Letter of authorization for more details.

If the students cannot submit the form at the Registrar’s Unit, they have to contact the Registrar’s Unit directly at
+66 2 700 5000 Ext. 4331-4, 4336

Registrar Office

Room No. 348, 3rd Floor,
Aditayathorn Building
Phone:+66 (0)2 700 5000 Ext.4331-4