Ethics, Philosophy, and Economics Concentration

Ethics, Philosophy, and Economics Concentration

An Independent Thinker

Moving beyond traditional academic boundaries, this interdisciplinary concentration focuses on the intersection of ethics, philosophy and economics, analyzing concepts such as values, virtues, and economic action. Students examine how technological developments and different cultures influence and challenge each other in the face of a rapidly changing world.

With social, technological and scientific trends transforming individuals and organizations, students will be equipped with information, methods, and tools to face a world where ideas and practices continue to evolve and cross-pollinate. 

Graduates can expect to be the future mediators, leaders, and decision makers in professions including law, politics, diplomacy, public service, academia, journalism, and international business and finance.

Structure of the EPE Concentration:

In addition to the 5 required courses, students in the EPE Concentration must take at least 6 additional elective major courses in their concentration.
For the remaining 16 credits (= 4 courses), students may choose to take any elective major course from any ICIC concentration (FLC/LCS/EPE).

Note that students will be required to achieve an SAT score of 600+ or pass ICMA100 Foundation Mathematics and complete the ICMB200 Business Mathematics prerequisite to be eligible to take elective courses offered by the Business Administration Division (ICMB 201 Business Statistics / ICMB 205 Microeconomics / ICMB 206 Macroeconomics / ICBE 481 Game Theory for Business).

Required Courses

ICIC 355Judgment and Decision Making4 (4-0-8
ICIC 356Ethics and Politics4 (4-0-8
ICIC 357Philosophy of Economics4 (4-0-8
ICIC 358Behavioral Economics4 (4-0-8
ICIC 453Research Seminar4 (4-0-8

Elective Courses

ICIC 371Minds and Machines4 (4-0-8)
ICIC 372From Modernism to Postmodernism4 (4-0-8)
ICIC 373Reason and Passion: The Philosophy of Emotion4 (4-0-8)
ICIC 374Philosophy and Religion 4 (4-0-8)
ICIC 375Behavior, Ethics and Technology 4 (4-0-8)
ICIC 376Information, Knowledge, Representation4 (4-0-8)
ICMB 201

Business Statistics

4 (4-0-8)
ICMB 205Microeconomics4 (4-0-8)
ICMB 206Macroeconomics4 (4-0-8)
ICBE 481Game Theory for Business4 (4-0-8)

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