Minor in Creative Animation

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The animation minor and certificate are designed to offer students experience in building moving images into animated narratives for multiple media contexts. The core courses in Cinematic Language and its Application and Storytelling By Design offer critical thinking, analysis and understanding of the narrative potential of storytelling in moving images and practical skills in applying them in short production practice. For the Animation certificate students can then choose one from the three animation courses or for the Animation Minor study complete all three.  Animation Principles and Production offers further practical hands-on crafting skills using the knowledge gained in the core classes to develop traditional 2D character-based animation and frame by frame sequences. Character and Concept Design applies the storytelling into developing environments and characters to inhabit animated worlds; and Moving Images by Design applies technical skills using post production software to design and develop animated motion graphics, gifs and title sequences.

To minor in Creative Animation, students need to complete the following 5 courses.

Course Code
Course Name
ICFA 232
Moving Images by Design
4 (2-4-6)
Prerequisite: – Course Description: An introduction to the international design world; focusing on the experiential learning; an exposure to international designers; professional design cultures and challenges including the cultural heritage and contemporary design practice; design terminology; applications of the eco-friendly and sustainable design; new and innovative technologies and current design trends; digital, interactive, and online platforms
ICFA 233
Storytelling by Design
4 (4-0-8)
Prerequisite: – Course Description: An introduction, practice and an application of storytelling languages and structured craft approach; including the art of storytelling, elements and structure of a story, narrative techniques, the story development in multiple films and media-related platforms; the creative application to any of the following screenwriting, short films, televisions, and/or design related outcomes, such as campaigns, posters, adverts, applications, products, etc.
ICFA 334
Animation Principles and Production
4 (2-4-6)
Prerequisite: – Course description: An introduction, practice and application to the twelve principles of animation; including familiarity with key principles of design and animation and an understanding of simple narrative structure; practical creative experience in the development and construction processes of the animation production: hand-drawn and stop motion techniques; technical proficiency with the media and animation software; understanding copyright and privacy issues in relation to the content, audience and distribution of animation
ICFA 335
Character and Concept Design
4 (2-4-6)
Prerequisite: – Course description: An introduction, practice and application to the fundamental tools for designing and developing concepts and character for narratives; including familiarity with key principles of design, aesthetics and the basic understanding of the simple narrative structure; understanding the development and construction processes; technical proficiency with suitable media and software processes for designing concepts and character bibles for various media platforms and audiences
ICFA 336
Cinematic Language and Its Application
4 (4-0-8)
Prerequisite: – Course description: An introduction, practice and an application of languages to critical thinking and analysis; examining key film languages and textual examples, including narrative theories; genre, film theories; an analysis of key film texts; the development of skills in research, writing and analytical thinking; applied knowledge to creative works; the presentation of original ideas and reflection on craft approach