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Major in Biological Science

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Biology is the science of life. The vast scope of its subject matter makes biology an extremely diverse field of study. This diversity stems not only from the tremendous variety of life forms with which we share our planet but also from the multiple levels of organization available for biological investigation. Given an organism, a biologist might choose to investigate how it behaves, how it fits into its ecosystem, the mechanisms by which its genes shape its appearance, what its ancestors were like, how its cells divide, how it grows and develops or how it derives energy from nourishment. Biological inquiry encompasses perspectives from the planetary to the sub-microscopic.

Career Opportunities

  • Teaching career as assistants in the field of Biological Sciences at any academic institutes/universities, or as primary- and secondary-school teachers in the field of Biological Sciences at any international schools
  • Research assistants in research institutes or on research programs/projects either in Thailand or abroad
  • Working in Research and Development departments, in Scientific Instruments Trading and Services or in Customer Relations departments in both private and governmental sectors who deal with Biological products
  • Continuing their studies for a higher degree or a professional degree in any fields of Biological Sciences, such as Bioinformatics, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Pharmacy, etc.
  • Becoming the owner of companies that sell products and/or services in the field of Biological Sciences

Course Structure

Foundation Courses Non-credit
General Education Courses 40 credits
– English Communication
16 credits
– Natural Sciences
 4 credits
– Humanities and Languages
8 credits
– Social Sciences
8 credits
– Physical Education
4 credits
Major Courses 126 credits
– Core Courses
38 credits
– Major Required Courses
32 credits
– Required Major Courses
40 credits
– Elective Major Courses
16 credits
Free Electives  8 credits

Total Credits Required
No Less Than 174 Credits

Note: If students are placed into the ‘Advanced Track’ for their General Education requirement in English Communication, 4 credits of General Education in English Communication will be waived.

MUIC-SGU Doctor of Medicine
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