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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Major in Environmental Science

The principal aim of environmental undergraduate level degree program in the discipline of Environmental Science is to train and develop, well equipped and highly skilled man power to tackle the growing environmental and developmental problems and changes arising from the transition to a sustainable society. The program focuses on understanding the Earth as an integrated system that includes the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere in order to address the environmental consequences and develop sustainable solutions to providing food, energy, and other basic services to the Earth’s ever-growing population. Recognizing that solutions to local, regional, and global environmental problems.

Career Opportunities

  • Teachers or teaching assistants in the field of Environmental Science at any academic institute
  • Teachers in the field of Environmental Science at any international schools
  • Positions in Research and Development departments of any company or manufacturer dealing in Environmental products
  • Quality control or quality assurance positions
  • Research assistants in research institutes or on research programs/projects either in Thailand or abroad
  • Positions in scientific instruments trading and services in both private and governmental sectors
  • Can continue studies for a higher degree in any field of Environmental Science
  • Can pursue a professional degree in related fields such as Environmental Science, Environmental Biology, Ecology and Conservation, Ecotourism, etc.
  • Owner of companies that sell products and/or services in the field of Environmental Science, Environmental Biology, Ecology and Conservation, Ecotourism, etc.

Course Structure

Course Category Credits
Foundation Courses
General Education Courses
44 credits
– English Communication
16 credits
– Natural Sciences
8 credits
– Humanities and Foreign Languages
8 credits
– Social Sciences
8 credits
– Physical Education
4 credits
Major Courses
134 credits
– Core Courses
38 credits
– Required Major Courses
60 credits
– Elective Major Courses
36 credits
Free Electives
 8 credits
Total Credits Required No Less Than 186 Credits Note: If students are placed into the ‘Advanced Track’ for their General Education requirement in English Communication, 4 credits of General Education in English Communication will be waived.

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